The robotic InstyMeds dispenser is where we face the moment of truth every day across our customer sites.  And while patients interact with InstyMeds only through our dispenser, it takes the entire system to make a successful dispense:

  • Drugs must be packaged and available in the dispenser;
  • Electronic prescription orders must be received and validated by our enterprise software suite;
  • Patients must receive printed secret code and drug information;
  • Payment and insurance claims must be processed in real time;

… so that, finally, the dispenser can select, verify, label and dispense the exact medications ordered.

Patient Experience

Patients using InstyMeds get medications within a couple of minutes at the dispenser


100% DISPENSING ACCURACY with over 4 million prescriptions dispensed


Fill your prescription 20 times faster than going to a pharmacy


With just a few steps, it’s as easy as using an ATM. Proven by patients on 3 continents.

Dispenser Features

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Robust features deliver medications
quickly and safely to patients.

Simple Touch Screen

Easy-to-follow directions to dispense and pay for prescriptions.

24/7 Assistance Available

Patients can use the phone to get immediate help with any aspect of the medication order.

Flexible Payment Options

Insurance processing
Credit/Debit Cards
Worker’s compensation
Compassionate care
Or a combination of the above

Fast Dispensing

Your medication container is dispensed within a couple of minutes.  During this time InstyMeds validates patient identity, selects the correct medication, processes payment and insurance, and applies a patient-specific label.

Patented Safety System

A patented robotic scanning system triple checks each medication to ensure it is correct before
dispensing to the patient.

Tailored Formulary

Customize your formulary to the needs of your patients. Dispense everything from regular bottles to
liquids and asthma inhalers

No-Hassle Formulary Management

Stock medications by sliding in a new sleeve anywhere in the dispenser – everything else including
expiration and recall management is handled by InstyMeds.

Patient-Specific Labels

Dispenser prints and attaches a personalized patient label to each container.

Reliable Robotics Over 99.8% Up-Time

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InstyMeds’ dispensing technology has been optimized over more than 18 years to be low-maintenance and extremely reliable.

What Patients are saying about InstyMeds