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Become the Provider of Choice

We’ve all been there: a minor accident or a sudden spike in child’s fever and we drop everything and head to the place offering immediate care, an outpatient clinic.  The majority of acute health episodes happen unexpectedly and can be very disruptive to patients and their caretakers. 

Healthcare consumers have a variety of options to choose from in these situations: hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, retail fee-for-service clinics, and, increasingly, telemedicine.  And if the outpatient care space was not crowded enough, new entrants are springing up to compete for the same patients by offering consumer-industry inspired conveniences and claiming better, faster, and cheaper service.   

So it’s no surprise that given all these choices most people select providers to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs of outpatient care.

Today many chain pharmacies feature onsite walk-in clinics. Providers sending prescriptions to these pharmacies risk   losing patients to them.

  • Trusted, high-quality
  • Fast treatment
  • Convenient hours
    of operation
  • Pharmacy availability
  • Proximity

Maximize Benefits

Minimize Costs

  • Co-pay/Out-of-pocket
  • Time commitment, including time away from work
  • Transportation needs
  • Travel time
  • Wait time

In selecting providers, patients consider both the direct, out-of-pocket, and the indirect, non-monetary costs of care. And as research shows, patient costs, including the opportunity costs of the time spent seeking care, are substantial in the United States.

A study published in the American Journal of Managed Care estimated the average total time of an outpatient visit at 121 minutes and the average opportunity cost to the patient at $43.1

This exceeds the average patient’s out-of-pocket payment.

Providers offering superior value – with highest benefits and lowest costs – will be able to satisfy patient needs better.  Doing it repeatedly and reliably will help those providers maintain and grow their patient base.

Offering InstyMeds gives providers a unique advantage over competition because it improves the patient experience in ways that matter most to patients.  InstyMeds eliminates patient jobs involved in filling prescriptions so patients gain immediate access to prescriptions, avoid trips to the pharmacy and start feeling better faster!

InstyMeds helps providers gain an edge over the competition, delight their patients and turn them into loyal patrons:

Offer Unparalleled Patient Experience

  • Save your patients 1-2 hours by offering immediate access to prescriptions at the point of care.
  • Patients always get the exact medications prescribed and start feeling better faster.

Stop Sharing Your Patients with Competition

  • Many chain pharmacies are expanding outpatient services at their in-store clinics.
  • Stop patient erosion by limiting prescriptions sent to your competition.
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Become the Provider of Choice

  • Become the provider of choice outpatient services by offering a one-stop-shop experience with 24/7 access to prescriptions and helping your patients feel better faster.

Provide Discreet Patient Experience

  • Many drug names reveal the underlying conditions which patients may want to keep confidential.
  • InstyMeds provides a discreet patient experience by ensuring that no one besides the patient has access to prescription information.

Boost Patient Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score

  • 98% of InstyMeds patients say that they would use InstyMeds again.
  • InstyMeds’ Net Promoter Score of 86 will help boost your NPS too!

Grow Loyal Patient Base and Revenue

  • Strong promoters will continue using your services and refer others.
  • Happy patients and word-of-mouth referrals can help you grow your patient base by 10%.

With our experience of serving patients on three continents, the most common theme in patient feedback has been genuine joy and disbelief that getting prescription medications can be so easy.

The second most common theme: InstyMeds should be available in all outpatient facilities.

And it’s not just the InstyMeds users talking.  According to research, 75% of Americans would prefer to have their prescriptions filled in their doctor’s office instead of a retail pharmacy if given the choice.2

As more healthcare delivery shifts to the outpatient model, fueled by reimbursement pressures, competition and innovation, providing the best overall value for patients will become a key competitive advantage. 

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