Customer Success Stories

“Our patients have been very receptive to the fact that they can do everything right here. It is a true satisfier.”

Sarah Johnson, RN, BSN,

Perianesthesia nurse manager
Iowa City ASC

“Before InstyMeds we were giving away a lot of medications. When you bill through the ED, medications are included on that bill which often doesn’t get paid.”

Duane W. Wallace R.Ph.

Director of pharmacy services
Perham health​

This is How InstyMeds
Makes a Difference


A hospital wants to keep their outpatient ED pharmacy open in the evening and overnight. The labor cost of 1 pharmacist and 1 pharmacy technician for one year (Based on 40 hours per work week and 52 weeks a year, a full-time employee will work 2,080 hours) is at least $156,000. InstyMeds ends up being as much 10x less expensive.


A large regional facility has trouble processing outpatient prescription volumes on time. Patients have been expressing dissatisfaction at the long wait times. The facility installs InstyMeds to dispense acute medications – freeing pharmacy staff to focus on counseling patients and complex therapy management. Patient satisfaction and net promoter scores have improved for the facility.


An urgent care has a manual Rx dispensing system. They did not realize how much employee time would be spent on ordering drugs, managing inventory, labeling prescriptions, and dispensing. By switching to InstyMeds they have automated every step of the dispensing process and have improved their efficiency.


A facility struggles with return visits and unreimbursed costs from payers. They install the InstyMeds system to improve their medication adherence and patient fill rates. Patients now fill their medications over 95% of the time, compared to the national average of 70% – leading to improved outcomes and fewer unreimbursed costs. [Background: In a recent study, a Maryland hospital cut return visits and hospital admissions by 50% for a segment of their Medicaid population by improving primary adherence. These improved results were confirmed in the 2019 InstyMeds Outcomes Study.]


Employer clinic owners find that by installing InstyMeds they not only provide a convenient service, but also improve employee productivity. Having the ability to fill prescriptions at work saves employees a two-hour trip to the pharmacy, a productivity improvement of an average of $70 per employee visiting the clinic.


According to the American Journal of Health System Pharmacists, starter packs can cost hospitals thousands of dollars every month – and they are not able to bill for them. Facilities that have replaced their starter packs with a full course of medications labeled and safely dispensed by InstyMeds now CAN bill for medications. Staff will also spend less time on pharmacy callbacks and after hour calls.