What Patients Say About their InstyMeds Experience


It was nice to not have to wait several hours for medications.

It is a fast and convenient dispenser for patients and family member to complete the doctor’s visit, preventing extra trip to the pharmacy and waiting to get the medicine. Great Service! Thumbs up. 🙂

I loved InstyMeds. It was quick and easy. I will be using it more often, if I am able to.

InstyMeds works wonders, I will be recommending it to everyone.

My wife used it the day before and said how convenient it was. Since I wasn’t feeling well either, I went to the same doctor so I could use the machine too.

I absolutely love InstyMeds and the InstyMeds staff! They are all so helpful and provide a great customer service experience!! Thank you so much for what you do for us and our patients!

It is great to have InstyMeds onsite with the clinic. Saves having to drive an extra 26 miles to get a prescription filled.

It seemed really easy to use. Very glad we did not have to wait to get the meds and my daughter was able to start to take her medicine even before we left the doctor office

A truly great experience when I was in no shape to wait for a pharmacy to fill my prescription. As a pharmacist in Rochester, MN, I feel that this technology is reshaping our profession and future of how we work. After using the InstyMeds dispensing equipment, I would appreciate feedback/info about potential opportunities with working with and for InstyMeds. Thank you!

It was fast and easy, and perfect for when I don’t feel good and I don’t want to drive around looking for an open pharmacy.

Have it in more locations. It’s such a timesaving machine. I would use this over a pharmacy any day of the year.

I like the convenience and great co-payment. I was able to get the meds I needed in a reasonable amount of time and be on my way. InstyMeds saved me a trip to the pharmacy.

This was my first time using InstyMeds, I like how there was no waiting period for your meds and I will be using it again in the near future.

My kids loved it … the machine is cool and I loved not having to go to the pharmacy after my visit.

It was very convenient. We would have not made it back to our regular pharmacy in time to fill the prescription the same day.

This is a great idea for 2 am needs when most pharmacies are closed.

What an amazing service to me since I was too sick to make another trip to pharmacy.

I loved this system! It is so convenient and easy to use! Such a quick transaction, super detailed! Overall, highly recommended!!!

Today is Xmas and all of the Drugstores are opened to see their products, but not one pharmacy, says a lot for our country, you can get cookies and soda but not the medication you need. InstyMeds solved this, therefore THANKS!

It was awesome! It definitely saved time for me after coming from the ER. It was right by the ER entrance in the lobby. Very convenient and will recommend.

The machine was a breeze to use and so convenient! And it saved me the dreaded extra trip to the pharmacy when I was already feeling lousy.

One thing that we appreciated, is that my insurance changed the first of the year, and we had no problem!

During a previous visit I was instructed to use InstyMeds and declined. When I took my prescription to a local pharmacy the price was doubled for one medication and the other was not in stock. Never again will I make that mistake!

I wouldn’t change anything, it was simple and convenient!

I was surprised to see a vending machine for medication. It saved me a lot of time avoiding the trip to pharmacy. Am very glad there was InstyMeds and I have been bragging to my friends how easy it was.

Found it a fantastic offer to patients coming in late at night needing an antibiotic. All hospitals should have this.

I loved having this option. I am traveling so I don’t have a regular pharmacy in the area, plus I was really not feeling well, so being able to leave the urgent care with the medicine was amazing! I wish all offices had this!

This is so wonderful to have when living in a remote area. If this was not available I would have had a two-hour trip to get the meds.

LOVED IT!!! Why aren’t these everywhere!?

It was great! I am a pharmacy student and this just shows how greatly our profession is growing and becoming more innovative.

Para mí fue ideal y fácil poder sacar el medicamento de la máquina InstyMeds. Lo mejor que pudieron inventar. Felicidades!! Translation: For me it was ideal and easy to get the medication out of the InstyMeds machine. The best they could invent. Congratulations!!

Convenient; didn’t have to spread my contagion by going to other places

Very convenient. Would have had to travel 30 miles to find an all-night pharmacy

This is the very best thing since the ATM machine. I absolutely loved it. There is nothing worse than having to go and wait in a pharmacy for over an hour when you are sick. This machine did it in less than 5 minutes, plus the copay was cheaper so I saved time and money

It was so convenient and helpful. There are no pharmacies in my town open at night so I would’ve had to wait until tomorrow if it weren’t for InstyMeds. Thank you!!!

What a great service for patients. It saved me from waiting at the pharmacy for my three prescriptions to be filled. I will definitely use it again.

Love the convenience of this machine. Especially with having the little ones with me! Super easy!

It was so easy that I wish all clinics had them.

Not just making the extra trip unnecessary, but also saving precious time when you’re not feeling well or it’s late at night. Bravo to InstyMeds!

I was at Urgent Care late at night. It was wonderful to get the meds I needed right then and there – no trip to find a pharmacy open at the hour; no trip at all! My meds were very conveniently right at my fingertips!

Terrific idea because it saves time and energy going to the pharmacy. Thanks!

I was so impressed with having the opportunity to get my pain meds right on site and fast, especially after breaking my foot.

Having the direct phone line there was extremely helpful!

It was great! We would have had to wait at least three hours and make another trip to town otherwise. This allowed my son to start taking his medicine right away.

InstyMeds was so easy to use, especially with the instructions on the bottom of the touch screen. The wait time was only a couple of minutes compared to a pharmacy where it would seem like hours!

It was easy to understand with only three steps and the medication was there!

I wish they were available in more places for medicines that need to be picked up regularly.

I think that prices are great; super affordable!

The InstyMeds machine is amazing. I don’t have to worry about a pharmacy being open to be able to get medications needed, especially with a late-night ER visit.

I would not change a thing. InstyMeds is so convenient. All of medications were readily available.

This was my first experience with InstyMeds… hadn’t even heard of it, and I thought it was SLICK! It was so wonderful that I didn’t have to wait until the next day when the pharmacy opened to start my meds.

What a lifesaver InstyMeds is! It really helps to get your medicine in the middle of the night. I really appreciated it; thank you so much! Awesome!

I was impressed with how easy and simple it was to use the machine. I enjoyed being able to get my medication without having to make another trip.

Thank you! Loved it! No waiting, convenient and takes insurance. Win, win, win!

I love that this service is available. It was SO easy to use and my meds came faster than it would have taken to give my regular pharmacist my prescription.

I was so glad this was an option because I was on crutches and I could barely drive to a pharmacy. It was super convenient and efficient!

Very convenient and as prescription was intended as preventative; it was great to be able to start taking immediately. Excellent for rural communities!

This was a first for me and it was great! Saved a trip, especially since we are 30 minutes from the closest pharmacy. It saved a wait, as is always the case with a traditional pharmacy. I was blown away by the convenience and the price!

It was so, so good not to have to go to the pharmacy. I was in the ER with smashed/broken toes.

“More of these machines need to be available everywhere. It would be a great alternative for 24-Hour stores that do not keep their pharmacies staffed if these could be available after-hours.”

“I am a grandmother taking care of my grand kids and one of them had infected thumb, so I took him to the urgent care, and they took care of his thumb and gave us a RX and it was a great convenience to get the prescription on the spot thank you!”

“InstyMeds is very easy for me to understand and use, and I am 81 years young.”

“I thought it was helpful how the machine explained what was happening with each step and showed the progress of my order. It’s easy to use and very time effective.”

“It’s very simple already and very convenient for being in a small town with no pharmacy unless your drive 45 minutes. This is a positive way that technology is heading. This is a wonderful invention especially when you’re too sick to go anywhere to get medicine.”

“It was good to be able to get meds quickly right after my doctor visit so I didn’t have to go elsewhere. It was nice to just go home with what I needed to feel better!”

“I absolutely loved this option. My son was unexpectedly ill this morning and I still needed to work. The convenience of being seen early in the morning, diagnosed, and treated with prescription meds all in one place was just what we needed!”

“Great service – I wish all hospitals had these! My daughter was released late this evening and needed medication to make it through the night. Without this service she would have had to stay an extra day or been in pain until I could get her prescription fill tomorrow.”

“Will continue to use InstyMeds in the future. This was my first experience and I found it simple, quick and most of all extremely convenient.”

“Worked great, I had an evening appointment for my granddaughter age 4 and this eliminated a trip to pharmacy with a sick child”

“Wonderful invention! With no pharmacies open in the middle of the night it was a God send for my daughter to be able to immediately begin taking her meds.”

“wish these were everywhere”

“Where was InstyMeds 20 years ago? Best thing ever!!!”

“When you stop to think about what InstyMeds does, it’s really quite impressive. InstyMeds dispenses the medication you need in a matter of minutes as accurately as a traditional pharmacy. What a neat idea!”

“When I needed my meds I was extremely ill. Not having to go to the pharmacy and wait for my antibiotic was fantastic! I would MUCH prefer getting my meds this way! It’s awesome!”

“What an awesome service! I was both amazed and excited that I could get my meds that quickly. I was in the ER at 3:30 am with no way to get meds until 9 am. So I was able to start my first dose of antibiotics almost immediately. I really appreciated that.”

“What a great time saver – so convenient to have in the ER waiting area. Could start medication immediately.”

“We are from out of town. Needed urgent care and were very happy that InstyMeds was there. Very easy to use!!!”

“Was a nice service which saved a trip somewhere else to pick up meds when I was feeling pretty rough. After hours or on the weekend this is a life saver, or at least a suffering saver. Good idea!”

“Very good way to receive your meds especially when you are not feeling well and just want to get comfortable in your own bed as soon as possible, really helped get me there faster”

“Very easy to use and it walks you through the process. I had no issues with it and was happy it was available since my pharmacy that I use was closed at the time I was discharged.”

“This was the best thing I have ever seen I was in the ER and it was 4 am nothing was open and I would of had to wait until 9 am to get my meds instead I got them right way and I could start my treatment right then to start getting better. I didn’t have to run back into town to get my meds I left with them. Best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you”

“This was my first time using your service, while experiencing the passing of a kidney stone. Your quick, reliable service was just what I needed!”

“This was my first time using InstyMeds and I would recommend using it again! Very convienent.”

“So getting a prescription immediately, without having to make an extra trip Saved Money on obtaining a ride to pharmacy which was not only convenient but Saved Time!!!”

“This made my urgent care visit more tolerable – just knowing that I did not have to go to a pharmacy and sit and wait for another 30 minutes. I will always use this option when it’s available. When you don’t feel good all you want to do is get your medicine and go home as quickly as possible – InstyMeds understands that. Before today I did not know there was such a thing – very glad I know about this. I will be more apt to use this hospital just knowing a self-serve pharmacy is always available in the waiting room. Will definitely recommend this.”

“This is the smartest service I have ever used. I have discussed with family members that I hope that this service is an option at more locations soon.”

“This is the best invention ever. Especially when there a no pharmacies open on a holiday. It’s easy to use & I already recommended it to a number of people.”

“This is such a great convenience. I know when I am not feeling good the last thing I want to do is go stand in line at the pharmacy waiting for my meds, also not to mention spreading my illness to other people. Such a great idea!”

“This is a lifesaver when your child is sick and you want to just get them home to bed. Its faster than a pharmacy is way more convenient.”

“This is a fast and convienent way to get your prescriptions in an emergency situation, instead of having to go out of your way to a pharmacy and waiting for your prescriptions when you are sick or injured.”

“The machine was very easy to use. I like that it states exactly what it’s doing while preparing your medications. Very handy for someone with a concussion that doesn’t want to do any extra running around.”

“The on the phone that informed me of my insurance carrier’s coverage options was most helpful and saved me about $100 -Very Much Appreciated”

“Super convenient on Christmas Day!! We were able to travel to see relatives because we were able to have our son treated and there were no pharmacies open.”

“Such an awesome thing to have at hospitals at odd times of the day or evening. I ask for medication that I can get from InstyMeds all the time!”

“Such a great feature! Especially when your 7 year old is sick at 9:30 pm. Great service.”

“So glad this facility, has InstyMeds in it, as this has been a life saver (literally)!!”

“Should be more of these machines around medical facilities. MUCH faster than a pharmacy!”

“Pleasantly surprised by InstyMeds! So glad we were able to get our daughter what she needed after all pharmacies in town were closed.”

“OMG! It was soooo easy and simple to use! I loved it! I had never seen or heard of this before, I think ALL hospitals should use InstyMeds! I give you 5 *****s!!”

“Never used InstyMeds in my life; I was 100% impressed by how easy it was. Absolutely loved the convenience and the speed it took to process and dispense meds. What a time saver – no waiting in line. I am already telling my friends and relatives what a great idea this is and instructions are so easy to follow”

“Needed to call regarding insurance information and the Customer Service I received was top-notch! Very polite, very prompt, very easy to understand. Great work in this area – keep it up! and Thank you!!”

“My town doesn’t have a pharmacy, and it would have been a pain to have to spend 40 minutes on the road the day after having been to the emergency room late at night and still feeling sick. Thank you!”

“My husband and I used the machine while at the emergency room. We thought it was an amazing machine. We were in no condition at midnight to go looking for a pharmacy open. Thank you , the machine is awesome and very much appreciated.”

“Love, love, love the ease of getting my medication through it – saved me an additional trip down the road, especially nice since it is winter in WI and freezing out. Easy to use and understand, I was enthralled with the whole process.”

“Living in a rural area where the local pharmacies close early on Sat. and are closed on Sunday makes using this system convenient. Prior to the installation of the machine I would have a 45 mile trip to the closest pharmacy away from my home.”

“Just appreciate having the availability of pain meds when my son had experienced a very painful football injury. We live rural and it was 11:00 pm Saturday night when we left the ER. I did not have to go to a pharmacy on Sunday (which would have been a drive) and could concentrate on helping my son. Thank you!”

“I’ve had several late night visits to the hospital for ear infections for my children. We live in a small town and the pharmacies are never open at that time, so the instymed machines are a life saver.”

“It was the first time I had used it, and would definitely use it again. With small children it is very usefull. I didn’t have to drag them into the pharmacy to get the meds. Very helpful when you have small ones that are not feeling well.”

“InstyMeds was great! The pharmacy was closed when we were done at the urgent care so it was really nice to be able to get my daughter’s medication and not have to wait until the next day.”

“InstyMeds is a blessing to my family. We live in a small town where the only pharmacy closes early and is not open on Sunday’s at all. It saves us a long trip to another town to fill a prescription when we are under the weather. Thank you for the amazing service that’s so easy to use and very convenient.”

“I was so very happy that InstyMeds was available as it was after hours to get a prescription and I could begin my meds instantly! It was a Saturday night and I would’ve had to wait until Monday for my drugstore to open! It also saved me gas as a return round trip would’ve been 70 miles! All hospitals, urgent care and emergency facilities should have InstyMed dispensers. Thank you to whomever discovered these dispensers!!!”

“I was in pain from a bladder infection and by the time I made myself go into the ER nothing was open. It was a great way to get the antibiotics I needed later in the day on a Friday before a weekend. It’s a great idea to have one of those machines. Every ER should have one.”

“I was in a hurry and did not want to make and extra stop. It made my day because if I had to make another stop I would not have gotten home for another hour or more. This made my day!!”

“I was feeling miserable and thankful I didn’t have to drive 10 miles to pharmacy.”

“I travel 40 minutes skipping the 5 minute drive to local hospital just to be seen at . InstyMeds saved me another trip half way around my hometown then home. For sure another hour maybe two saved with InstyMeds.”

“I think its a great thing for sure. If I didn’t have this option, I would have needed to wait until morning and I cant drive, so I would have had to find a ride to a pharmacy. This really saved me a lot of time and inconvenience.”

“I really like how easy it use the InstyMed machine and it is a great aspect to have a direct line available next to the machine if I were to have any questions. It keeps your information private. It reduces the wait you would normally have at a pharmacy. You can get your medications right away instead of traveling to a pharmacy. This is a really great service you offer and I am thankful to you for providing it.”

“I loved using InstyMeds. When you have a sick child the last thing you want to do is go to a pharmacy as well and wait so this was so convienent. Also if not for InstyMeds I would not have been able to fill the prescription for my child til the next day as no pharmacy in plan was open at midnight.”

“I loved using Instymeds!!! It was so fast, easy and convenient!!! I will definitely use InstyMeds whenever possible!”

“I loved it! I was worried I was going to have to travel to a different town just to fill my prescription but the Dr. told me to go to the waiting room and use Instymeds and within 5 mins I was able to get my prescription and I could hear it being filled and it told me step by step where it was at. Amazing amazing amzing!”

“I live in a rural area and visited the emergency room on a Friday afternoon. By the time I was discharged, my pharmacy was closed and would not reopen until 9 am on Monday morning. The next closest pharmacy was over 30 miles away. You saved me a vey long trip. And waiting till Monday was not really a viable option. Thank you InstyMeds!”

“I liked the convenience of not having to go to the pharmacy the next morning and was able to start medication as soon as I left urgent care.”

“I like how easy and simple it was rather than waiting for 15 minutes to 1 hour to get medications.”

“I have used Instymed in the past. It is very handy and saves not only time, but eliminates me from having to go to a pharmacy when I am extremely ill and not able to go to the pharmacy and wait.”

“I had to go to ER in the middle of the night because of a kidney stone. It was great to be able to get additional pain medication at 4 am instead of having to wait until the pharmacy opened.”

“I had never heard of InstyMeds before but I must say that is a nifty machine. I would definitely use it again and would prefer it actually. Much faster than a pharmacy!!”

“I had help from my daughter-in-law and it was good. We had a snow storm and live 15 miles from town. It was very helpful.”

“I had an ER visit at 3AM. Was VERY nice to get my meds there instead of trying to find a pharmacy that was open”

“I fell down our carpeted basement steps and was taken by ambulance to the hospital at 11:30 PM. I was released from the ER at 3:15 AM. The InstyMeds machine was absolutely wonderful for obtaining my medication at that time of night, since nothing else was available or open.”

“I am very happy that the walk-in clinic staff suggested it to me. It Saved Time and I was able to start taking my antibiotics immediately without an extra stop and wait at the pharmacy.”

“Great service and convenience at our local ER during after hours when pharmacy is not open. What a great idea.”

“Great idea! Sunday afternoon no place was open so at least I could get my meds to take home with me.”

“Great experience. All pharmacies were closed and I needed the antibiotic now. InstyMeds saved the day! :)”

“Glad these machines are available because I was out of state.”

“Glad it was available when I went to emergency room late night. Worked well. Happy to see the insurance was up to date with knowledge of my deductible having been paid up.”

“First time using Instymeds machine and overall it was wonderful. Fast, convenient and well packaged.”

“Extremely useful on a holiday”

“Customer service was wonderful! It was nice to talk to a live person at 1:00 A.M. to help with insurance issue. This service was fast, easy, and convenient!”

“Best machine to have at ER for late night visit”

“Beats waiting over an hour at the pharmacy! You have a gold mine and we got to use our insurance!”

“All in all, InstyMeds is a great idea and cuts the age-old problem of having to make multiple trips after visiting the doctor which can be a hassle especially when sick or injured.”

“Having three boys it is hard to go to a pharmacy with them running around. InstyMeds saved me that trip and we were able to just walk home instead of down to the store then back home. It was awsome.”

“Loved this! I was in a time crunch and it saved me an extra trip plus the cost was better than my usual co-pay for Rx.”


“I really liked not having to travel 18 miles to my pharmacy when I was sick and could get my scripts filled at the doctor’s office. What a wonderful concept!”

“I love this idea. My pharmacy is 15 miles away from my house and this is so convenient. I can just get my meds and go home. When you are sick that’s all you want to do.”

“We appreciated this option as there weren’t any pharmacies open when we left the emergency room, so it saved us a trip out later in the day after a difficult night.”

“I like that it saved me a trip to the pharmacy. When you’re in pain the faster you can get the medicine the better :-)”

“Great and easy to use. Love the idea and its very convenient being a single parent with a sick kid. Definitely saved a trip to the pharmacy and she got her antibiotics that night”

“Very handy after my daughter was released from the ER. With her being sick, I liked being able to get the medicine there, rather than having to stop at an after hours pharmacy with her. I just wanted to get her home and sleeping! Awesome machine for us at that moment!”

“This was the first time I have ever heard/used InstyMeds and it was great! There were no pharmacies open at the time and I needed pain medication. I was so glad to hear that I didn’t have to wait until morning to get my medication after being in the ER for hours and being discharged at 2 am. InstyMeds was very easy to use and quicker with processing than using a pharmacy. It’s like a vending machine for your medications, love it!”

“This machine was awesome, it was 2 am and we were in a different city and had no idea where an open pharmacy would be. We would have had to wait until morning to get my daughter her antibiotic, it was fantastic that this was available. When I got home I suggested it to the hospital where I work that we need this machine in our hospital. Thank you so much.”

“I love this machine. I was very ill and no pharmacies were open and if it wasn’t for this wonderful machine I wouldn’t have been able to get my antibiotic today. This saved me a trip plus gas money and waiting in line at the pharmacy. I highly recommend InstyMeds. I will be telling everyone I know! Thank you! This machine is a great piece of new technology that I actually think makes a difference for people because its so convenient, quick and easy!”

“We were traveling and I came up with a UTI. We stopped at the urgent care out of town and were back on the road in 45 min! I thought we would be stuck with a 2 hour delay. This is an amazing service. Hope we can get it in Cape Girardeau, MO.”

“We are now in the future!!”

“This should be placed in EVERY Doctor’s office, Urgent Care Clinic! This is wonderful!”

“I was filling the prescription for myself. I had been sick for over a week and the fact that I didn’t have carve out an additional 20-60 minutes to take a much-needed prescription to a pharmacy was worth every minute of standing in front of the Insty machine. I’ve been telling everyone how amazing it is.”

“Whoever invented that machine is a genius! My young daughter needed medication for a painful ear infection at 10:30 p.m. and there were no open pharmacies in the area. We were able to fill her prescription at the ER and get her home to take the medicine and go to bed very quickly. Thanks!”

“We were very much in awe of the system We are telling everone about it and wondering how it works. This was at 2:00 am.”

“We were in the ER until 3 am. We live in a small town so no pharmacies are open. My husband needed to start a med right away so InstyMeds was perfect for us!”

“We were in the area for the holidays, and the ease of obtaining medicine in the midst of an unexpected ER visit was a welcome convenience.”

“We both felt it was a pretty SWEET machine because when you are not feeling well who wants to run out somewhere else and grab the medicine you need when you can pick it up right there when you are done being seen. That was so so helpful THANK YOU InstyMeds!!!!”

“Was very simple to use at 2:30 a.m.”

“Was so easy thank goodness that you had this in the emergency room area for late night visit trip to ER”

“Was much faster and simpler than I anticipated it being. I’m so glad I tried it. Will use it again in the future.”

“Was in the ER around 3:30 a.m. and discharged around 5:30 a.m. and there would not have been any pharmacey open at that time to fill my prescriptions. It was so nice to be able to fill my two prescriptions right there at the ER lobby! What a great thing to have! Thanks!!!! Was able to fill meds and go home and rest comfortably!”

“Very nice to have access to meds so fast especially when my child was in pain”

“Very impressed how quick and easy it was. Much easier than finding a pharmacy on a Sunday evening!”

“Using this machine is very helpful and its easy to use. Its like going to the pharmacy except you can go after hours AND weekends, which is awesome.”

“Using InstyMeds was so nice, it was my first time using it and I loved it. Hauling around an infant car seat is not easy, so being able to fill my son’s prescription right there was great! Thank you!”

“Used “after hours” – no pharmacies open and I needed to start the medication right away. It was very easy to use and now would consider using it at other times also. Thanks for this convenient service!”

“Today was the first time using InstyMed and it was great as I needed a prescription for my husband and he was very weak when leaving the Emergency Room. Would not have made it to where we go to get prescriptions filled. Saved Time and money.”

“This was the best thing ever! So quick and easy. I was done in under a minute!”

“This was my first experience with InstyMeds, and I am so grateful for it! The Emergency Room staff offered this option to me on a Sunday evening when no pharmacies were open. I was ill and really needed this medicine at the time. Had InstyMeds not been available, it would have been uncomfortable for me knowing that I had to wait until the next morning to fill my prescription when the pharmacy opened.”

“This was first time I used InstyMeds and overall I was impressed; very easy to use and of course it is very convenient to have in a clinic at midnight when no other pharmacy is open. For my given case and timing, it was very convenient. Thank you.”

“This was a great and convenient solution! I never realized this kind of dispensing machine even existed. I hope they become a widespread option for people.”

“This saved me so much time and a extra trip to another store to pick it up. I love it and wish they had them in all of the hosipals I have been in. Thank you so much.”

“This machine was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Saved so much time & running around, I dont know this area. I think every hospital & clinic should have one. I live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area & have never seen one of these before. I was so impressed.”

“This is the second time I have used Instymeds and it is a great benefit to have at our local hospital as the drug store was not open and that would have delayed my treatment”

“This is the first time I used the machine and was suprised how easy and quick it was to use. Better than a pharmacy, it was located to the entrance by the emergency room and available 24 hours.”

“The machine is quick, easy and very convenient. We do not have an all-night pharmacy in my town and I would have had to wait until after 9 am the next day to get an urgent medication. Thanks to InstyMeds I could begin my prescribed treatment immediately!”

“That machine was great! Saved me time from running around looking for a pharmacy. I got my daughters medication and could take her right home from there!”

“Thank you. InstyMeds saved me another trip in my car. InstyMeds probably saved me another hour of physical energy and allowed me to get the antibiotic to treat my infection. And I probably didn’t have to go to another pharmacy and expose my weakend immune system to even more bacteria. THANK YOU!”

“Thank you so much, you have no idea how much easier it is to use the machine, rather than drive to the pharmacy. Especially with two young kids!!”

“Thank you for making it easier for people to be able to get their medications when they go in after pharmacy hours or on a holiday weekend so a person doesn’t have to wait until the pharmacy reopens”

“Thank you for making a busy Mom of 4’s life easier!! I didn’t have to make a trip to a Pharmacy today to get my meds.”

“Perfect for being in the ER on the 4th of July when I was in the ER. (Fractured ribs) without this machine I would have been in the hospital all weekend!”

“I called with questions about my copay and spoke with Rachel. She was wonderfully INCREDIBLE!! She fixed the potential frustration, checked it to make sure and left me shaking my head with amazement at how easy that was. Would HIGHLY recommend InstyMeds. Rachel is also an ASSET to the company!”

“OMG – this was fabulous! I was in the ER and was released just after every drug store was closed. It made my life a lot easier!”

“Nice to be able to see physician and get prescribed meds all at one stop. Especially nice when later in the evening when most pharmacies are closed. Amazing how the machine can acurately dispense the correct med!”

“Loved it being there…weather was horrible and it meant a lot not having to travel more to get a RX filled”

“Loved InstyMeds! Quick, easy, and I didn’t have to make an extra stop on the way home! Very convenient, especially when you’re not feeling well and want to get home!”

“It was wonderful to have at the hospital so I didn’t need to make an extra stop with my three children. It’s hard enough taking a sick baby to the hospital let alone having to make another stop for her medicine. Thank you!”

“It was really nice to get my prescription right on site instead of running to a pharmacy. I didnt expect it to dispense the prescription like that, it was really neat how it was sealed & labeled. This was a great experience! I will definantly use anytime I can.”

“It was nice that I could save a trip to the pharmacy. I used it for my infant who was sick with bronchitis in the winter and not having to take him out of the car when it was super cold out and he was sick was absolutely wonderful!”

“It was Christmas day, and I wanted to go HOME. Thanks for being fast, easy and Open.”

“Instymeds was so easy to use. And it was really quick too! When I had two sick kids, and it was late at night, it made it so convenient to be able to get their meds right then and there, instead of having to wait until the a.m. to go to the pharmacy.. And wait forever there. I will definitely be using Instymeds again in the future! Easy instructions, easy payment, and it was done in just minutes!”

“InstyMeds has been a lifesaver. As a patient with an obstructed and infected wisdom tooth, I was so relieved to be able to get my pain medication within 5 minutes; without going to a pharmacy 10+ miles away and waiting a half hour to get it filled. Being in so much pain, it was a godsend to get it so quickly…and WITH NO CO-PAY! Thank you InstyMeds…I wouldn’t change a thing. ANYONE can use it with ease.”

“I work in a freestanding ambulatory surgical center. My goal is to get an InstyMed dispenser in my facility.”

“I will go to the Urgent Care with InstyMeds so I don’t have to make a separate stop to get meds. This way, I get the RX and get on meds right away. Awesome for people like me as I get sinus infections frequently.”

“I was very happy on how easy and fast it was to use. I had to use it for my son’s medicine, he obviously wasn’t feeling well so the convienience was great.”

“I was very grateful something like this was available. My local drugstore closes at 6:00 and I would have had to wait until the next day”

“I was so ill, taking taxi to emergency, having pneumonia so was so very grateful not to have to make an additional stop, but go home, take meds, and rest. 🙂 Bless you for this service!!!”

“I was able to get through on the phone right away to a live representative. It didn’t take long at all for her to take care of what I needed. Love this machine.”

“I realy enjoyed the hassle free experience of being able to get my meds @ hospital and InstyMeds accepted my insurance”

“I never heard of it before but I really liked it. I will always prefer an InstyMeds location for Urgent Care. Even if a pharmacy would be open I like getting medicine immediately for acute care.”

“I loved that I could get my meds right away. The sooner I could get the meds the sooner the pain went away. LOVE IT”

“I loved it! I see people everyday at my Pharmacy that have left people out in the car after leaving outpatient surgery or the ER and they are always freaking out about how long it takes us to fill the scripts because they just want to get their loved ones home! They should be in every outpatient and ER facility in the WORLD!!!”

“I love InstyMeds! I wish every hospital & clinic or medical facility had it! Makes life so much easier when you are sick or injured!! 3 thumbs up, InstyMeds!!”

“I like that it does consider all of your information, co-pays and so forth. My nurse did advise before I used InstyMeds and even let me know that they had it there.”

“I have used this machine many times & have encouraged others to use it to. It is so easy and convenient!!!!”

“I had to use the phone because of the new year I had new insurance, the customer service was fast and efficient and explained everything I needed to know. I had never heard of this product before that day and I am extremely satisfied with the result.”

“I had no idea such a thing existed. I was released from emergency at midnight with 2 prescriptions so it helped not having to make an extra trip looking for a pharmacy.”

“I had never seen one or used one before and it was great! I was at a hospital away from home and I didn’t have to wait until the next day to get my prescriptions filled so was able to start them right away.”

“I had an unfortunate visit to the ER on Christmas night, I had no idea about how I was going to be able to get prescription meds…The hospital had Insty Meds…what an absolute savior!!”

“I brought my daughter to the ER on a Sunday evening, all the pharmacies in town were closed. InstyMeds was very convenient and we had the prescription without having to make another stop! Loved it!”

“Had a minor surgery on a Sunday night/Monday morning. Was in pain and needed anibiotics it was very fast and accurate. No pharmacies open in my area at the time”

“Had a great experience, very convenient and easy to use. It was nice to not have to go drive and find a pharmacy after being sick in the emergency room. I was able to take care of my prescriptions right there and then just go home. Thank you, what a great service!”

“Great for people with small children or cold snowy winter days.”

“Great customer service when I called with insurance info. Very friendly and helpful. Quick and easy call.”

“For us to go to a pharmacy it is a 1/2 hour drive. This saves us time and gas money.”

“First time using it and it was great. I live in a small town so having this machine there saves me a thirty minute one-way trip to get meds!”

“First day of vacation had kidney stone middle of night it was a relief, time saver and good price”

“Fabulous option for moms with sick kids in tow.”

“Easiest, most user friendly self-help machine I’ve ever used. Easier than checking out groceries. I recommended it to some people in the lobby who were asking about it.”

“Due to the timing of our visit to the ER, the only pharmacy that was open was over 40 miles away. I was thrilled that there was the option of InstyMeds available. So convenient for us! Thank you!”

“Daughter was really sick. Nice not to have to make that extra trip.”

“Appreciated the convenience, because on another ER visit, had to make a 24 mile trip for the prescription because drug store was not open. Also, when you don’t feel good, it is great to leave ER with everything that the doctor orders, so you can go home and rest.”

“All medical places should have them would save a lot of time for people and you would not have to wait till the next morning to get started on your meds.”

“After having a morophine IV for pain in the ER, the last thing you want to do is have to run to your pharmacy to get your meds. Especially when you are in chronic pain. All I wanted to do was have my family take me straight home. The RN wrote up my scripts for me to use the InstyMeds machine right in the hospital. It was super convenient and easy to use. Thank you InstyMeds.”

“Worked great for me…I left the emergency room at 1:00 AM, crossed the hall and got the meds at the machine before leaving the hospital.”

“Will use this instead of pharmacy if ever in the ER again. Not only saved a trip but when you have sick kids and then have to take them to pharmacy and wait up to a hour for their RX. This only took about 4 min compared to a extra trip, gas money and time …..LOVED IT !”

“We came into the hospital late at night and the pharmacy was closed. It was so nice to get the first antibiotic dose in right away instead of having to make an extra trip out to a pharmacy in the morning. What a great experience for us and especially for our sick daughter. We appreciate it!”

“Very handy & easy to use. I was in the emergency room late at night. It was nice to have my meds so I could start taking them right away, & have a speedy recovery. Thank you!!!”

“The InstyMeds was convenient and the customer service representative was patient (as I was very sick and not in the best mental state) and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone visiting this hospital.”

“Thank you for offering this helpful service!! So convenient in the middle of the night after being in so much pain in the emergency room to just fill and go home.”

“Serves a tremendous need in our community, where pharmacy is only open weekdays. I went to ER knowing I’d get a precription but forgot I’d seen your machine before, wondered how I’d get meds needed immediately on a Sat. a.m.”

“It’s great to use in the middle of the night and if you are alone and don’t want to get out at a 24 hour drug store in a place that might not be safe. It also saves on gas as you can get all your business done at one place!”

“In the Grand Rapids area, one half hour is the minium time to get a script filled, sometimes way longer. Your machine only took a couple of minutes, and I didn’t have to drive anywhere, because i was coming from the E.R. room. I Saved Time and gas not having to make a special trip anywhere.”

“I used the phone to talk to a person about insurance, and she was very helpful.”

“Can’t believe there is something like this. We left the ER at 11:15 pm. Didn’t need to worry about having to go fill my prescription right away the next morning!”

“This was the first time I used InstyMeds, I was very impressed with the ease and convenience of getting medicines so quickly. Great invention!”

“Love InstyMeds, so grateful for it. As of mom of two kids and one on the way, it made me life a lot easier!”

“We live in Indiana and would love this where we live. It was great to get prescription after ER visit. So quick!”

“I will definitely be using this again if the prescription I need is available. I have told everyone I know about this time and money-saving concept, and they are all excited to use it if the need arises, especially my friend with the 2 little children that will not longer have to make a trip out of her way and wait 20 minutes to a half hour in line at a pharmacy.”

“When I’m not feeling well this is a wonderful time saver and I don’t have to go out in the cold another time to fill an RX”

“When I questioned the cost the nurse had me use the phone to call up and the response on the line was almost immediate. Person on the other end told me what the full price was and how much the insurance covered”

“We were on vacation and this was a lifesaver! My husband had a skiing accident and was in huge amounts of pain. I work at a hospital and am sharing this story with them!”

“We live 2 hours from the surgical center and I would not have been able to get pain medicine comfortably or quickly had I had to wait until I got home to my drugstore. I was able to get relief before pain had become too strong after the initial anesthetics had worn off…..so grateful!”

“Very easy and convenient! I had the flu and was very weak so it would have been hard to have to go to another place to get my perscription.”

“This was the first time I used InstyMeds. It was a great experience and saved a trip to the pharmacy. I would like to know what facilities have an InstyMeds installed. I would use this information to decide on which healthcare facility to go to.”

“This was so easy and I am telling a lot of my friends locally about this! I believe it’s the only convenient care locally that has this machine. If more people knew how easy it was I think more people would be using it!”

“This was my first time using it. Very easy to use! I wasn’t aware that these kiosks existed. What a convenience!! Much faster than the pharmacy!”

“This was my first time using InstyMeds. It was very convenient and easy to use. I will definitely use again.”

“This is an extremely convenient service, especially for someone with a sick child. Also found the price competitive.”

“This convenience easily saved me 45 mins to 1-1/2 hour depending upon the line at the pharmacy 10 miles away from this facility. This was a huge benefit for me.”

“These centers and machines are life savers and a great help especially for children and seniors”

“The availability of the phone for assistance was great. I received very fast and friendly service, a very pleasant experience and much faster than using a pharmacy. InstyMeds saved me about 2 days worth of sick time.”

“Thanx for being sooo quick on a day when I feel really bad!!!”

“Thank you for helping my son and I get the meds he needed at 4:00am. He was feeling better before any other store would have been open to get the meds.”

“Pleasant surprise to find I could get my son’s medication in the lobby and save a trip to the pharmacy with a sick, contagious kid. Great experience!”

“It was awesome and way better than having to go fill your prescription somewhere, having to wait while you are sick. Instead I was able to fill on the way out and take the medicine as soon as I got home. A+ all the way.”

“InstyMeds is fantastic! I have always thought it was ridiculous to be in an ER for treatment and then need to drive to a pharmacy to wait for needed meds. This is a wonderful invention! My daughter was in pain with an infection and was able to get her antibiotics from your machine immediately! Thank you! I would definitely use it again and recommend it to others.”

“Insty Meds is ultra convenient. WAY awesome after you’ve been through a hell-of-a-day and just need your prescribed meds to feel better fast and GET HOME. So glad it exists in this location. I sort of wish it was everywhere.”

“I was visiting my family in Wisconsin, and came down with a vicious bladder infection. The staff of the clinic was great (I’m from Illinois), but oh, lo and behold Instymeds! Loved it! the easiness of use, speed, and accuracy. Thanks, guys! Best of luck!”

“I was extremely happy to get my daughter’s 2 prescriptons in about 4 minutes instead of running to and having to wait for 40 minutes to an hour. My daughter laughed because I was just delighted and doing the happy dance in getting the prescriptions so fast. I will do this every time I can!”

“I LOVED USING IT, AWESOME! Not having to stop at a Pharmacy was PRICELESS. All medical professional buildings should have this for general medications.”

“I loved that I had my medication upon leaving – I was in the hospital all day, exhausted and just wanted to get home. That was a lifesaver!”

“I have used Insty Meds many times. I absolutely love the convenience of not having to go to a pharmacy when you’re already feeling so ill. One-Stop Health Facility. A wonderful idea. Love it!”

“I always choose it when possible… I want to get home as soon as possible to start medicine and start feeling better, and InstyMeds saves me from going out of my way to stop at the pharmacy.”

“Great service! It was quick and easy and saved me time! PLUS, it included our insurance discount! AWSOME service!!!’ :-)”

“Great addition to any facility. Obviously at a convenient care one is there and not feeling 100%. This makes an impact by not having to stop at a pharmacy when ill”

“Awesome idea hope to see it in all hospitals. It was late at night . I had just broken three ribs, without InstyMeds I would have had to wait hours to get pain meds. Thank you!”

“After being in so much pain, the last thing I wanted to do was go to a pharmacy or a store with a pharmacy to get my medication for my back. InstyMeds made not only my life, but also my fiance’s life so much easier. I could take my medication right away instead of having to drop off my prescription and wait before I could get my medicine. Thank you so much for your service!”

“Very convenient. It is a hassle to leave the ER with a very sick person and then have to go somewhere else to fill a Rx, especially when the sick person is a child. You can’t leave them in the car and it is miserable to take them in, not to mention exposing others to whatever illness they have.”

“My son had a severe ear infection and the pharmacy was not open so InstyMeds was very convenient and I was able to get the meds right away and start my son on it to get him feeling better.”

“After finding out about Instymeds, I honestly felt like someone out there understood how badly a mother wants to get an ill child home in order to get them comfortable and back to being well. Thanks to Instymeds, there was no need for an extra trip or waiting at the pharmacy. I think my sick child appreciated that we had no more stops to make and she could just go home after her E.R. visit in the middle of the night. Thank you.”

“Worked GREAT! It was after hours at the ER with a major snow storm moving in and we live 45 miles from the hospital. Don’t know what we would have done without it!!!!”

“With pharmacies closed, it was nice to get enough pain meds to hold me over……”

“Wish there were more around my area. First time I’ve ever seen or heard of it. Loved it though.”

“We were in the mist of a terrible snow storm and after a surgery/recovery of 6 hours the thought of having to try and get to a pharmacy was horrible. Would have considered going home without pain meds if it hadn’t been for InstyMeds.”

“We had gone to ER in the evening and did not get out until 11:00 PM, so it was very handy to pick up the meds.”

“Was impressed that my husband’s name and dosage, etc. was on the label plus a description of what the pills should look like inside.”

“Very easy to understand and use. Nice to have the prescription filled right away to begin taking it right away.”

“This was the best part of my trip to the Emergency Room. After 3½ hours in the ER, at 9:30 at night the last thing I needed was to have to try to find a pharmacy in a strange town. This machine was a pleasant and welcome surprise. Thanks!”

“This was my first experience with this. Had never seen one before. I absolutely loved it. Had my meds before I left the doctor. Eliminated a stop after surgery. Very impressed with this. Hope to see more of them installed at other doctors’ offices.”

“This machine is great, especially not having to make additional trip to pharmacy. My son had ankle surgery and just wanted to get home. Sometimes the wait at pharmacy is very long.”

“This is a great feature for families to have…. I just wanted to get home after the surgery and with InstyMeds it was possible because we didn’t have to make any additional stops. Bonus!! These would be great to have at all doctors’ offices.”

“The first time I used it I was very nauseated and wanted to get home asap; InstyMeds saved me from stopping at a pharmacy and got me home about 30 minutes sooner! Thanks!”

“My son was having surgery and when we found out that we could get his meds without stopping at a pharmacy we all were excited. The last time he had to wait in the car for over a half hour right after surgery. This was GREAT!”

“Loved having my meds filled immediately as we were at the hospital ER at night. No pharmacies were open and I needed the meds”

“I really enjoyed not having to wait in the line at the pharmacy, right after surgery.”

“I have used instyMeds many times over the years with 4 children. I am glad it is an option especially those times when it is after hours.”

“I had no idea there were medicine dispensing machines and immediately determined it was an extremely beneficial time saver. Plus, the patient has access to medicine immediately.”

“Fantastic idea and service — I would love to see these at all our doctors’ offices”

“Excellent idea. Saved Time and out of the way mileage (15 miles). Quicker to get the patient home. Very efficient”

“Allergic reaction to drug on Christmas Day, very helpful to have InstyMeds available for replacement with no pharmacy open”

“Absolute great idea. After surgery it was so nice getting the meds immediately.”

“Who ever thought of this idea was brilliant! They should put them in the hospitals in the ER for outpatients and employees to use. The hospital where I work, the pharmacy is only for inpatients.”

“Very happy this kind of system can provide a shorter time back home when we are feeling very sick. Very realiable and convenient.”

“This was the BEST part/experience of my recent trip to the Urgent Care. Loved this! Told folks at my job how great it is. Excited to use in the future!”

“This is very time saving and very convenient…One trip and all your needs are meet at one time…Thanks to whomever invented this dispenser.”

“The urgent cares by my home never had this. This was extremely useful and efficient. I wish all urgent cares would have this equipment.”

“I was amazed. Every health care facility should have 1 of these available to their patients. I have to say it is an amazing invention! Wonderful machine! Thank you!”

“I love that there is someone to call for assistance with any insurance questions. Using my insurance save me $20!”

“I had never seen or used InstyMeds before. I think this is the best thing since Apple Pie! After having to wait 3+ hours to be treated by a physician, the last thing I wanted to have to do was wait in another line at the pharmacy to get my scripts.”

“Best idea ever!!! It’s great to have this available at the urgent care facility. It saves time. Especially when you aren’t feeling 100%.”

“Absolutely loved it. Came home and told my husband about it. What a time saver. And so cool!!!”

“Will definitely look for InstyMeds when we are at medical facilities.”

“When we are sick, the last thing we want to do is get in the car and have to make another trip someplace else to pick up medications.”

“InstyMeds made it much easier than going to a traditional pharmacy and having to wait for the prescription to be filled. At the time we needed this medication our regular pharmacy was closed and we would have had to wait two hours for it to open so this was easy, convenient and fast!”

“Incredible idea! The last thing you want to do when you leave a doctor’s office when you are sick is to have to go to a pharmacy and wait for a prescription.”

“I like that it was there. There is no other place in county to get a prescription filled. The nearest place is over 50 miles away and the cost was the same. Thanks for having the machine there. I will tell other people to use because of this.”

“A great service for our little town of 900 plus. No need to drive 40 miles to Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s. I LOVE IT!!”

“Very convenient, especially that there is no local pharmacy within 40 miles.”

“I loved using the machine. The closest pharmacy is a 70 mile round trip and this machine allowed me to go home and rest instead of driving around sick.”

“I just love being able to get what I need on the spot and not have to go anywhere else but home when I am sick!”

“Going to the pharmacy here takes 30 minutes to an hour. InstyMeds make my life so much easier. When I don’t feel good, I just want to go to the doctor and be able to get home quickly, InstyMeds makes that possible. Thank you!”