Do you keep getting interrupted by callbacks from pharmacies?

Are you tired of so many patients' not filling their prescriptions?

Do you want to improve outcomes for more patients?

Would you like to make more patients happier?

Providers enter the healthcare profession to help patients.  Instead, they often get stuck navigating computer screens.  InstyMeds seamlessly integrates into your existing patient flow and allows you to dispense prescriptions directly to patients at the point of care.

Physician Benefits

  • Research has shown that InstyMeds improves patient outcomes by increasing primary medication adherence, which results in fewer return visits and hospitalizations.

  • Happy patients lead to higher survey scores and increased referrals and patient retention.  (Hint: see patient comments below.)

  • Save time!  Patients receive the exact medications ordered and you don’t get call-backs from the pharmacy.

Why Choose InstyMeds?

Improve Efficiency

Whether it’s replacing a manual dispensing system, avoiding the use of starter packs, or reducing pharmacy callbacks, InstyMeds gives providers more time for their main jobs: helping patients back to wellness.

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Delight Your Patients by Providing a Competitive Differentiator

Today’s patients are savvy consumers. When they get their medications right at the point of care, they will pay you back with higher Net Promoter Scores and continued patronage of your services.

Grow Patient Satisfaction

No Pharmacy Callbacks

Quit wasting your time responding to medication substitution offers from pharmacies.  InstyMeds will dispense the exact drug you prescribe. Let our 24/7 Patient Service Center handle any questions about insurance and payment your patients may have.   

Optional Controlled Substance Dispensing and Monitoring

The opioid epidemic is real. InstyMeds provides you the tools to control and monitor the dispensing of opioids, ensuring only patients who really need them receive their prescriptions. Our system is proven to reduce abuse and diversion.

Avoid Starter Packs

Save time and money your facility spends administering starter packs.  Do the right thing for yourself and your patients by writing full-course, billable prescriptions with InstyMeds.

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Improve Adherence & Outcomes​

InstyMeds raises primary medication adherence from an industry average of 70% to 94+%.  This improves outcomes for more patients and lowers return patient visits and hospitalizations. Hospitalization costs are reduced as a result.

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What Patients are saying about InstyMeds

Product Features

Reduce Your Liability

A typical community pharmacy has a 1.7% dispensing error rate. Our patented triple-barcode safety check ensures an industry-leading 100% dispensing accuracy, helping you reduce the risks of patient harm and fines.

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Use Existing Systems

To submit dispensing orders to the dispenser, simply select InstyMeds as the pharmacy. Don’t have a favorite e-prescribing tool? Use WebRx.

Patient-Specific Labels

Each container is dispensed with a personalized patient label that includes requisite safety warnings and meet regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Reporting & Dispensing Logs​

To help you stay compliant, we do the required regulatory reporting including PDMP and DEA reports.  And you’ll always have your InstyMeds dispensing logs at your fingertips!

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Insurance Processing

We offer flexible payment options and accept most major insurance plans. You can offer InstyMeds services to the widest group of patients possible.

Comprehensive Drug Information

We print detailed drug information forms for each medication dispensed to reinforce your counseling and to provide your patients the required medication information.

Drug information forms are printed by InstyMeds and handed to patients by prescribers or other healthcare professionals. They meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

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