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Sick Patients Don't Like to Drive

For some a trip to the pharmacy may be a mere inconvenience interrupting their daily schedules.  While others may struggle to visit a pharmacy due to health conditions, lifestyle or socioeconomic factors.  Some of these patients end up not filling their prescriptions and becoming part of the 30% primary non-adherence statistic.

Since our first dispense to a patient in 2001, InstyMeds has analyzed outpatient behavior and feedback to understand their unique needs in the process of filling prescriptions.

What we found was not surprising.  Outpatients are used to negotiating the challenges they encounter between providers’ offices and pharmacies completely on their own.  When patients leave their providers’ offices to get prescriptions, their mobility becomes instrumental to their recovery.  And depending on the circumstances, patient mobility ranges from unconstrained to very limited.

Outpatient Mobility

Can Travel

Patients well enough to travel  to and wait at a pharmacy
– AND –
have time and easy access to transportation

Constrained Mobility

Patients who PREFER not to travel for prescriptions:

  • Dealing with acute pain or illness;
  • Parents with sick children;
  • Needing to start medications immediately;
  • Needing to get back to work;   
  • Facing long or difficult commute to nearest open pharmacy;
  • Driving in dangerous weather.

Limited Mobility

Patients unable to travel easily due to injuries, mental or physical impairment
– OR –
lack access to transportation

When patients’ mobility is further compounded by long commutes and pharmacy schedules, their jobs become even more difficult. 

With its 24/7 availability, ease of use and fast dispensing, InstyMeds is a boon for patients with constrained and limited mobility.

InstyMeds has expanded access to prescriptions for patients experiencing mobility constraints and lacking access to pharmacy.

98% of InstyMeds users say that they would gladly use our service again due to its speed and convenience.  Over the years we have received numerous testimonials from patients thankful for access to life-enhancing medications when no other options were available.

We are your after-hours pharmacy solution

Mitigating Pharmacy Deprivation

For more than 20% of Americans who live in rural areas the nearest open pharmacy may be 10, 20, 30 or more miles away.  Rural residents needing acute medicines try to pick the lesser of bad options: making a long drive to the nearest open pharmacy or waiting for their local pharmacy to open which can take a few hours to a couple of days. 

InstyMeds provides an invaluable service to rural patients by making prescriptions available right at the point of care. 

We help rural healthcare providers dramatically improve patient experience, raise primary medication adherence and improve outcomes by completing the circle of care with on-demand dispensing of prescriptions. 

See what rural patients say about their experience with InstyMeds below.  For more patient comments, visit our Testimonials page.

Over 20% of Americans live in rural areas, which often have limited access to pharmacies

What Patients are saying about InstyMeds

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