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InstyMeds: Brainchild of A Frustrated Patient/Physician

Or one frustrated caretaker for a little patient, to be exact.  In 1999 Dr. Ken Rosenblum was an Emergency Room physician in Minneapolis.  One night, after taking his own child to an ER, Dr. Rosenblum needed to fill a prescription for amoxicillin, a common antibiotic.

Driving around with a sick child looking for a pharmacy that was open in the middle of the night was a frustrating experience that he decided to fix. 

As a physician, he acutely empathized with the frustrations of patients trying to fill prescriptions.  So he came up with an idea for a safe and convenient way to dispense prescription drugs at the point of care.

Dr. Rosenblum made it his company’s mission to help patients start treatment as soon as possible. 

Translating this mission into reality took many years of continuous innovation and improvement.  So that today, patients using InstyMeds get the luxury of getting their medications quickly, right at the point of care, and with the peace of mind that they will always get exactly what the doctor prescribed. 

How InstyMeds Changes the Patient Experience

Faster Path to Wellness

Patients fill prescriptions right at the point of care and save 1-2 hours on the way to feeling better faster

Exact Medications

Patients receive the exact medications ordered by the prescriber.  No changes or substitutions.

Authoritative Counseling

Patients receive medication counseling directly from prescribers

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Discreet Patient Experience

Patients enjoy the most discreet prescription pickup experience that ensures their privacy

Pay Your Way, Including Insurance

Flexible payment options and accepting most major forms of insurance

Comprehensive Drug Information

Detailed drug information forms are provided for each medication dispensed ²


When patients are asked about their InstyMeds experience most of them make it pretty clear: they love it!

% of “Strongly Agree” patient responses:

What Patients are saying about InstyMeds

Doing Right for Your Patients is Right for Your Business​

Nobody goes to the doctor when they feel great.  Yet, after traveling and waiting to receive care, patients who are sick, tired and in pain are sent to travel and wait some more to fill their prescriptions at pharmacies.  As more providers try to grow their business by expanding consumer choices, the pains of the current prescription pickup experience should present opportunities for meaningful improvement.

InstyMeds elevates the prescription pickup experience to a level that is not possible within the established healthcare framework.

No other technology allows patients to fill prescriptions as fast and as safely on the way out of their provider’s office.

Patients tell us how much they appreciate the extra care their providers have shown them by making InstyMeds available.  Those patients are much more likely to keep using their providers and to refer friends and family.

Providers offering InstyMeds build a solid foundation for continued patronage with their patients who feel really valued and better cared for.

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1 Average time to verify, label and dispense one medication container in the US.
2 Drug information forms are printed by InstyMeds and handed to patients by prescribers or other healthcare professionals.