Are you tasked with managing both the ED and Operating Room dispensing overnight?

Are you looking for a safe and secure 24/7 dispensing solution for outpatients?

Are you tired of staff handing out starter packs after-hours?

Would you like to outsource inventory management and PDMP reporting?

We want to be your outpatient dispensing partner.  That’s why InstyMeds is designed to partner with pharmacists to bring the very best pharmacy practices to physician dispensing.  Our system dispenses commonly prescribed medications freeing up your time to focus on complex case management. With 100% dispensing accuracy and 94% primary medication adherence, your patients always stay safe. 

Pharmacist Benefits

  • You approve the medications that physicians can dispense via InstyMeds.

  • We help you avoid the need for starter packs.

  • We manage inventory and do regulatory reporting for you.

  • And we deal with after-hours patients so you don’t have to!

Why Choose InstyMeds?

Safe Dispensing

Our patented triple-barcode safety check ensures that your patients will always get the exact medications prescribed along with detailed drug information, so you can do other things you need to do or go home earlier for a change. And if your patients have any questions, our 24/7 Patient Service Center is always there to assist them. 

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Avoid Starter Packs

Avoid making starter packs to free up your time, reduce diversion risks and save money. Plus, you can switch to full-course, billable prescriptions.

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24/7 Access to Prescriptions

Our robotic dispenser never sleeps but you decide when to use it depending on your needs. And you can rest assured that your patients will always get a safe, fast and easy way to fill prescriptions whenever they use InstyMeds.

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Improve Adherence & Outcomes

InstyMeds raises primary medication adherence from an industry average of 70% to 94+%.  This improves outcomes for more patients and lowers additional treatment and hospitalizations.

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Outsourced Inventory Management

We take care of all your inventory needs: we’ll monitor the inventory levels in your dispenser and ship new prepackaged drugs before you run out. All you may need to do is have a member of your team put them into the dispenser.

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Regulatory Reporting & Dispensing Logs

We also do the required regulatory reporting including PDMP and DEA reports.  And you’ll always have your InstyMeds dispensing logs at your fingertips!

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Product Features

No-Hassle Packaging​

Our pharmacists do all the filling so you won’t have to deal with loose pills! You will receive unit-of-use packaging for all medicines, in serialized foil-sealed containers and complete with childproof caps and desiccants.

Optional Controlled Substance Dispensing and Monitoring

The opioid epidemic is real. InstyMeds provides you the tools to control and monitor the dispensing of opioids, ensuring only patients who really need them receive their prescriptions. Our tracking system is proven to reduce abuse and diversion.

Patient-Specific Labels​

Each container is dispensed with a personalized patient label that includes requisite safety warnings and meets regulatory requirements.

Expiration and Recall Management

Expired and recalled medications will never be dispensed to your patients, ensuring their safety and helping you stay compliant with regulations.

24/7 Patient Advocacy

Our friendly and professional staff is ready to assist your patients 24/7 so you won’t be interrupted by any additional questions.

Simplified Patient Experience

A typical patient experience lasts only a couple of minutes at the dispenser. With a short stop at the InstyMeds dispenser patients will fill their prescriptions before leaving your facility so they can start feeling better faster.

Insurance Processing

We offer flexible payment options and accept most major insurance plans. You can offer InstyMeds services to the widest group of patients possible.

Comprehensive Drug Information

We print detailed drug information forms for each medication dispensed to reinforce provider counseling and to provide your patients the required medication information.

Drug information forms are printed by InstyMeds and handed to patients by prescribers or other healthcare professionals. They meet or exceed industry regulations.

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