Do you want to start feeling better faster?

Would you like to save time and money by skipping a trip to the pharmacy?

Do you dread driving and waiting in line with a sick child or loved one?

Do you have to get back to work ASAP?

As patients, the only thing we care about when we get sick or injured is making a full and speedy recovery.  Yet, right when we are feeling our worst, the healthcare system gives us jobs to do: get a prescription from a doctor, drive to an open pharmacy and wait for your prescription to be filled. 

Not a thrilling prospect when we just want is to crawl into bed and wait for the drugs to start working.  InstyMeds allows patients to get their medications right after finishing treatment, so they can save 1-2 hours and start feeling better faster!

Patient Experience Reengineered

Patients using InstyMeds get medications
within a couple of minutes at the dispenser

Why Choose InstyMeds?

Feel Better Faster!

No one who is sick or in pain deserves to wait a long time for acute medications.  Nor drive.  Nor miss work just because they couldn’t get to a pharmacy.  InstyMeds saves patients 1-2 hours by offering immediate access to prescriptions right at the point of care. 

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Save Money and Time

You pay for the care you so urgently need.  Then you pay for prescription drugs.  Just seeing a doctor is also costing you $43 on average in opportunity costs.  Why spend more time or  money on gas or public transportation to fill a prescription if you can avoid it?

24/7 Patient Advocacy

If you have any questions about your transaction, just pick up the phone on the dispenser to speak with one of our friendly and professional Patient Service Center team members.  Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Don't Drive When You Shouldn't

Whether you are sick, in pain or caring for a sick family member, the last thing you want to do after getting a prescription is driving to fill it.  Especially when facing a long commute or dangerous weather, you shouldn’t have to drive when you are not well.

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Discreet Experience

Only you and your provider know the medications you are getting.  Your privacy is guaranteed. 

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24/7 Access to Prescriptions

Our robot never sleeps allowing you to pick up  prescriptions any time you need them.  Especially when nearby pharmacies are closed.

What Patients are saying about InstyMeds

Product Features

Safe Dispensing

With our patented triple-barcode safety check you always gets the exact medications your provider prescribed. 100% accurate, 100% of the time. 

Learn About Patient Safety

Pay Your Way, Including Insurance

We offer flexible payment options and accept most major insurance plans. And you can always get help with insurance questions from our 24/7 Patient Service Center.

Easy-to-Use Dispenser

Our dispensers are designed to offer simple and intuitive experience for patients of all ages and abilities.  Using InstyMeds is as easy as using an ATM!

Patient-Specific Labels

Each container is dispensed with a personalized patient label that contains instructions, warnings, and all other information required in your state; so you can take your medications safely and with confidence!

Fast Dispensing

A typical patient experience lasts only a couple of minutes at the dispenser. With a short stop at the InstyMeds dispenser you will get your medications before leaving the healthcare facility and feel better faster!

Comprehensive Drug Information

We provide detailed drug information forms so you have all necessary information about each medication dispensed.

Patient Experience Reengineered

Patients using InstyMeds get medications
within 1-2 minutes at the dispenser

Prescriber counsels patient and sends an electronic prescription order to instymeds

Patient receives a secret authorization code and drug information forms. Patient walks to the InstyMeds dispenser.

Patient enters the secret code at the dispenser

Patient pays for medications, if applicable

Patient collects medications