Do you want to help your patients start feeling better faster?

Are you trying to reduce patient frustration?

Do you spend time answering patient questions about filling prescriptions?

Would you like to boost patient satisfaction with your services?

Care delivery is always a team effort.  Everyone interacting with the patient – from the receptionist to the lab technician – can influence the patient’s health outcome, emotional well-being and care experience.  While recent research has uncovered the effect of physicians’ words on health outcomes, everyone on the health care team has a chance to improve the patient experience. 

We want to make your jobs easier by delighting your patients with access to prescriptions at the end of their health episodes.  So that instead of spending your time directing sick, injured, tired or grumpy patients to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy, you can surprise them with a safe, fast and easy path to wellness right at the point of care. 

Not only will your amazed patients thank you, but they will also be more likely to come back and refer others to your facility – just see the happy comments below.   

Why Choose InstyMeds?

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A Faster Path to Wellness

Give your sick, tired and grumpy patients what they want most: immediate access to prescriptions so they can start feeling better faster!

Learn About the InstyMeds Dispenser  

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24/7 Access to Prescriptions

Our robotic dispenser never sleeps but you decide when to use it depending on your needs. And you can be sure that your patients will always get a safe, fast and easy way to fill prescriptions whenever they use InstyMeds.

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Delight Your Patients

Today’s patients are savvy consumers. They love speed, safety and convenience. When you get InstyMeds, patients will pay you back with higher satisfaction scores and continued patronage of your services.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Provide More and Better Care

Let us free up your time and deal with your patients’ prescription needs.  You can get more done and have more time to provide additional care for their medical needs!

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Safe Dispensing

Your patients will always get the exact medications prescribed along with detailed drug information. And if they have any questions, our 24/7 Patient Service Center is always there to assist them. 

Learn About Patient Safety

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Great Addition to Your Team

We are a reliable member of your healthcare team, working alongside you to help more patients back to wellness. Our 24/7 operation behind the scenes will ship replenishment medications and will maintain the dispenser before you even know service is needed.

What Patients are saying about InstyMeds

Product Features

24/7 Patient Advocacy

Our friendly and professional staff is ready to assist your patients 24/7 so you won’t be interrupted by any additional questions.

Expiration and Recall Management

Expired and recalled medications will never be dispensed to your patients, ensuring their safety and helping you stay compliant with regulations.

Patient-Specific Labels

Each container is dispensed with a personalized patient label that includes requisite safety warnings and meets regulatory requirements.

No-Hassle Packaging

Our pharmacists do all the filling so you won’t have to deal with loose pills! You will receive unit-of-use packaging for all medicines, in serialized foil-sealed containers and complete with childproof caps and desiccants.

Insurance Processing

We offer flexible payment options and accept most major insurance plans. You can offer InstyMeds services to the widest group of patients possible.

Comprehensive Drug Information

We print detailed drug information forms for each medication dispensed to reinforce provider counseling and to provide your patients the required medication information.

Drug information forms are printed by InstyMeds and handed to patients by prescribers or other healthcare professionals. They meet or exceed industry regulations.

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