We want to help providers out of gratitude for what they do for us when we need their help.  Because when we really need it, especially urgently, seeing a doctor is the first step on our path to recovery.

Yet, we often struggle with what happens next…

The Primary Adherence Conundrum

Most ER and outpatient visits result in medication therapy.  And as anyone who has ever been to a doctor knows, when patients receive prescriptions they are also given a job to do. Their job – unspoken because it’s universally implied – is to get to a pharmacy and wait for their prescriptions to be filled.  It’s a job whose critical importance in the recovery process is taken for granted by everyone.  Yet, it’s the last thing that patients want to be doing, especially when they are sick, tired and in pain.

The problem with the current practice is that 30% of prescriptions never get filled causing insidious but far-reaching collateral damage.  Some non-adhering patients get worse requiring additional treatment and driving up preventable costs of care.  And those who do pick up their medications still grumble about long travel and wait times before they can start treatment.

In this age of everything-on-demand, shouldn’t we also have an easier path to wellness?

The InstyMeds Revolution

InstyMeds was started with a premise that patients shouldn’t work this hard to get medications they urgently need.  We pioneered a technological solution that gives patients immediate access to medications at the point of care 24/7 while guaranteeing safe and compliant dispensing. 

So today, patients using InstyMeds can fill their prescriptions right after receiving treatment and before leaving the provider facilities and start feeling better faster!  And when filling prescriptions becomes so easy, the provider-patient relationship changes fundamentally:

Primary medication adherence goes up to 94+% from an industry average of 70%.

Delighted patients can start treatment right away at the end of their health episodes. 

Healthier and happier patients reward providers with loyalty and new referrals.

InstyMeds Gives Patients a Faster Path to Wellness




Major Ways InstyMeds Improves Outpatient Services

  • Increase primary medication adherence by over 30% to get more patients on the path to wellness
  • Improve outcomes for more patients
  • Lower additional treatment and expenses by reducing return visits
  • Eliminate patient jobs filling prescriptions and save them 1-2 hours of time
  • Offer fast, easy and safe prescription pickup experience at the point of care 24/7
  • Enjoy the rewards of higher patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Eliminate dispensing errors
  • Reduce regulatory and financial liabilities of dispensing errors
  • Never dispense expired or recalled products
  • Offer patients 24/7 access to prescription medications
  • Significantly expand access to prescriptions for patients with mobility limitations and when pharmacies are closed
  • Be a leader in offering complete patient care experience onsite
  • Boost patient satisfaction where it matters most
  • Compete effectively with onsite clinics at retail pharmacies
  • Reduce unreimbursed costs with higher primary adherence and better outcomes
  • Grow patient referrals and revenue
  • Reduce costs with improved productivity, higher efficiencies and lower waste


100% DISPENSING ACCURACY with over 4 million prescriptions dispensed


Fill your prescription 20 times faster than going to a pharmacy


With just a few steps, it’s as easy as using an ATM. Proven by patients on 3 continents.

What Patients are saying about InstyMeds

Case Studies

“Our patients have been very receptive to the fact that they can do everything right here. It is a true satisfier.”
Sarah Johnson, RN, BSN,
Perianesthesia nurse manager Iowa City ASC
“Before InstyMeds we were giving away a lot of medications. When you bill through the ED, medications are included on that bill which often doesn’t get paid”
Duane W. Wallace R.Ph
Director of Pharmacy Services

Interested in learning more?

Patient Jobs

You finally leave the urgent care.  Wish you didn’t have to take so much time off work just to sit in the waiting room at the peak of the flu season.

Walk to the car. Tired. Sick. Need to pick up the kids at daycare in an hour. Driving to the pharmacy.  Why is traffic always so bad when you are in a hurry?  Parking.

Walking up to the counter. 30-minute wait?  For just an antibiotic?  You can see they are busy but last time you didn’t have to wait this long…
Tired.  Headache.  Congested.

Finally you pick up your prescription. Get to the daycare in the nick of time.  Now just need to get home to take the pill…

Have you ever had a frustrating experience like this?  We have.

But why should getting prescriptions medications be so difficult?

The InstyMeds Patient Experience

Provider Treats Patient

Prescriber counsels patient and sends an electronic prescription order to InstyMeds.

InstyMeds Processes Order

Patient receives a secret authorization code and drug information forms. Patient walks to the InstyMeds dispenser.

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Patient enters the secret code at the dispenser.


Patient pays for medications, if applicable.

InstyMeds Dispenses Medications

Patient collects medications.

Patient Experience Reengineered

Patients using InstyMeds get medications
within 1-2 minutes at the dispenser

Prescriber counsels patient and sends an electronic prescription order to instymeds

Patient receives a secret authorization code and drug information forms. Patient walks to the InstyMeds dispenser.

Patient enters the secret code at the dispenser

Patient pays for medications, if applicable

Patient collects medications