The InstyMeds Medication Adherence System has been successfully deployed in North America, Middle East and Europe.  We are continually looking for opportunities to expand pharmacy access and improve the healthcare experience in new markets.

Our value proposition varies from country to country depending on many factors such as access to pharmacies, structure of the provider-payer relationship and regulations.  Still, our international customers benefit from the same six core value drivers that have been our strengths in the US. 

Based on our international experience we have identified several specific overarching healthcare needs that the InstyMeds Medication Adherence System can help address worldwide:

Alleviate pharmacy deprivation and expand access to pharmacy services

Augment pharmacy resources and dispensing capacity

Dispense prescriptions 24/7 at lower costs than keeping pharmacy open

Reduce patient wait time at pharmacies

Provide streamlined and discreet  prescription pickup experience for patients

Improve dispensing accuracy

Improve medication inventory management and controllership

Improve monitoring and reporting of prescription dispensing metrics

Reduce medication diversion

Provide robust end-to-end pharmacy logistics system from manufacturers to patients

If you are interested in launching the InstyMeds system in other countries, you will need resources and funding to develop the supporting infrastructure

InstyMeds is not a vending machine but a complete automated pharmacy logistics system.  We pioneered world’s first automated pharmacy logistics system for dispensing at the point of care in 2001.  Our systems are used in professional healthcare facilities worldwide and have dispensed over 4 million prescriptions.

We are looking for international distribution partners who have resources to develop the infrastructure required to launch and sustain the InstyMeds system in new markets:

InstyMeds has a dedicated international team and a field-tested methodology to customize and launch our system in new markets.  We estimate the need for initial capital investment to range between several hundred thousand to one million USD to ensure a successful international implementation.

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