What Patients Say About their InstyMeds Experience


“Will continue to use InstyMeds in the future. This was my first experience and I found it simple, quick and most of all extremely convenient.”

“When I needed my meds I was extremely ill. Not having to go to the pharmacy and wait for my antibiotic was fantastic! I would MUCH prefer getting my meds this way! It’s awesome!”

“This was my first time using InstyMeds and I would recommend using it again! Very convienent.”

“This made my urgent care visit more tolerable – just knowing that I did not have to go to a pharmacy and sit and wait for another 30 minutes. I will always use this option when it’s available. When you don’t feel good all you want to do is get your medicine and go home as quickly as possible – InstyMeds understands that. Before today I did not know there was such a thing – very glad I know about this. I will be more apt to use this hospital just knowing a self-serve pharmacy is always available in the waiting room. Will definitely recommend this.”

“This is the best invention ever. Especially when there a no pharmacies open on a holiday. It’s easy to use & I already recommended it to a number of people.”

“Never used InstyMeds in my life; I was 100% impressed by how easy it was. Absolutely loved the convenience and the speed it took to process and dispense meds. What a time saver – no waiting in line. I am already telling my friends and relatives what a great idea this is and instructions are so easy to follow”

“It was the first time I had used it, and would definitely use it again. With small children it is very usefull. I didn’t have to drag them into the pharmacy to get the meds. Very helpful when you have small ones that are not feeling well.”

“I loved using Instymeds!!! It was so fast, easy and convenient!!! I will definitely use InstyMeds whenever possible!”

“I had never heard of InstyMeds before but I must say that is a nifty machine. I would definitely use it again and would prefer it actually. Much faster than a pharmacy!!”

“This machine was awesome, it was 2 am and we were in a different city and had no idea where an open pharmacy would be. We would have had to wait until morning to get my daughter her antibiotic, it was fantastic that this was available. When I got home I suggested it to the hospital where I work that we need this machine in our hospital. Thank you so much.”

“I was filling the prescription for myself. I had been sick for over a week and the fact that I didn’t have carve out an additional 20-60 minutes to take a much-needed prescription to a pharmacy was worth every minute of standing in front of the Insty machine. I’ve been telling everyone how amazing it is.”

“We were very much in awe of the system We are telling everone about it and wondering how it works. This was at 2:00 am.”

“Was much faster and simpler than I anticipated it being. I’m so glad I tried it. Will use it again in the future.”

“Used “after hours” – no pharmacies open and I needed to start the medication right away. It was very easy to use and now would consider using it at other times also. Thanks for this convenient service!”

“It was really nice to get my prescription right on site instead of running to a pharmacy. I didnt expect it to dispense the prescription like that, it was really neat how it was sealed & labeled. This was a great experience! I will definantly use anytime I can.”

“I have used this machine many times & have encouraged others to use it to. It is so easy and convenient!!!!”

“Easiest, most user friendly self-help machine I’ve ever used. Easier than checking out groceries. I recommended it to some people in the lobby who were asking about it.”

“Will use this instead of pharmacy if ever in the ER again. Not only saved a trip but when you have sick kids and then have to take them to pharmacy and wait up to a hour for their RX. This only took about 4 min compared to a extra trip, gas money and time …..LOVED IT !”

“The InstyMeds was convenient and the customer service representative was patient (as I was very sick and not in the best mental state) and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone visiting this hospital.”

“I will definitely be using this again if the prescription I need is available. I have told everyone I know about this time and money-saving concept, and they are all excited to use it if the need arises, especially my friend with the 2 little children that will not longer have to make a trip out of her way and wait 20 minutes to a half hour in line at a pharmacy.”

“We were on vacation and this was a lifesaver! My husband had a skiing accident and was in huge amounts of pain. I work at a hospital and am sharing this story with them!”

“This was so easy and I am telling a lot of my friends locally about this! I believe it’s the only convenient care locally that has this machine. If more people knew how easy it was I think more people would be using it!”

“This was my first time using InstyMeds. It was very convenient and easy to use. I will definitely use again.”

“InstyMeds is fantastic! I have always thought it was ridiculous to be in an ER for treatment and then need to drive to a pharmacy to wait for needed meds. This is a wonderful invention! My daughter was in pain with an infection and was able to get her antibiotics from your machine immediately! Thank you! I would definitely use it again and recommend it to others.”

“This was the BEST part/experience of my recent trip to the Urgent Care. Loved this! Told folks at my job how great it is. Excited to use in the future!”

“Absolutely loved it. Came home and told my husband about it. What a time saver. And so cool!!!”

“I like that it was there. There is no other place in county to get a prescription filled. The nearest place is over 50 miles away and the cost was the same. Thanks for having the machine there. I will tell other people to use because of this.”