What Patients Say About their InstyMeds Experience


“More of these machines need to be available everywhere. It would be a great alternative for 24-Hour stores that do not keep their pharmacies staffed if these could be available after-hours.”

“Great service – I wish all hospitals had these! My daughter was released late this evening and needed medication to make it through the night. Without this service she would have had to stay an extra day or been in pain until I could get her prescription fill tomorrow.”

“wish these were everywhere”

“Where was InstyMeds 20 years ago? Best thing ever!!!”

“When you stop to think about what InstyMeds does, it’s really quite impressive. InstyMeds dispenses the medication you need in a matter of minutes as accurately as a traditional pharmacy. What a neat idea!”

“What an awesome service! I was both amazed and excited that I could get my meds that quickly. I was in the ER at 3:30 am with no way to get meds until 9 am. So I was able to start my first dose of antibiotics almost immediately. I really appreciated that.”

“This was the best thing I have ever seen I was in the ER and it was 4 am nothing was open and I would of had to wait until 9 am to get my meds instead I got them right way and I could start my treatment right then to start getting better. I didn’t have to run back into town to get my meds I left with them. Best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you”

“This is the smartest service I have ever used. I have discussed with family members that I hope that this service is an option at more locations soon.”

“This is such a great convenience. I know when I am not feeling good the last thing I want to do is go stand in line at the pharmacy waiting for my meds, also not to mention spreading my illness to other people. Such a great idea!”

“Such a great feature! Especially when your 7 year old is sick at 9:30 pm. Great service.”

“Should be more of these machines around medical facilities. MUCH faster than a pharmacy!”

“Pleasantly surprised by InstyMeds! So glad we were able to get our daughter what she needed after all pharmacies in town were closed.”

“OMG! It was soooo easy and simple to use! I loved it! I had never seen or heard of this before, I think ALL hospitals should use InstyMeds! I give you 5 *****s!!”

“My husband and I used the machine while at the emergency room. We thought it was an amazing machine. We were in no condition at midnight to go looking for a pharmacy open. Thank you , the machine is awesome and very much appreciated.”

“I was so very happy that InstyMeds was available as it was after hours to get a prescription and I could begin my meds instantly! It was a Saturday night and I would’ve had to wait until Monday for my drugstore to open! It also saved me gas as a return round trip would’ve been 70 miles! All hospitals, urgent care and emergency facilities should have InstyMed dispensers. Thank you to whomever discovered these dispensers!!!”

“I was in pain from a bladder infection and by the time I made myself go into the ER nothing was open. It was a great way to get the antibiotics I needed later in the day on a Friday before a weekend. It’s a great idea to have one of those machines. Every ER should have one.”

“I really like how easy it use the InstyMed machine and it is a great aspect to have a direct line available next to the machine if I were to have any questions. It keeps your information private. It reduces the wait you would normally have at a pharmacy. You can get your medications right away instead of traveling to a pharmacy. This is a really great service you offer and I am thankful to you for providing it.”

“I loved it! I was worried I was going to have to travel to a different town just to fill my prescription but the Dr. told me to go to the waiting room and use Instymeds and within 5 mins I was able to get my prescription and I could hear it being filled and it told me step by step where it was at. Amazing amazing amzing!”

“I had never heard of InstyMeds before but I must say that is a nifty machine. I would definitely use it again and would prefer it actually. Much faster than a pharmacy!!”

“Great service and convenience at our local ER during after hours when pharmacy is not open. What a great idea.”

“Great experience. All pharmacies were closed and I needed the antibiotic now. InstyMeds saved the day! :)”

“Glad these machines are available because I was out of state.”

“Best machine to have at ER for late night visit”

“Having three boys it is hard to go to a pharmacy with them running around. InstyMeds saved me that trip and we were able to just walk home instead of down to the store then back home. It was awsome.”

“I really liked not having to travel 18 miles to my pharmacy when I was sick and could get my scripts filled at the doctor’s office. What a wonderful concept!”

“We were traveling and I came up with a UTI. We stopped at the urgent care out of town and were back on the road in 45 min! I thought we would be stuck with a 2 hour delay. This is an amazing service. Hope we can get it in Cape Girardeau, MO.”

“We are now in the future!!”

“This should be placed in EVERY Doctor’s office, Urgent Care Clinic! This is wonderful!”

“I was filling the prescription for myself. I had been sick for over a week and the fact that I didn’t have carve out an additional 20-60 minutes to take a much-needed prescription to a pharmacy was worth every minute of standing in front of the Insty machine. I’ve been telling everyone how amazing it is.”

“Using InstyMeds was so nice, it was my first time using it and I loved it. Hauling around an infant car seat is not easy, so being able to fill my son’s prescription right there was great! Thank you!”

“This was a great and convenient solution! I never realized this kind of dispensing machine even existed. I hope they become a widespread option for people.”

“This saved me so much time and a extra trip to another store to pick it up. I love it and wish they had them in all of the hosipals I have been in. Thank you so much.”

“This machine was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Saved so much time & running around, I dont know this area. I think every hospital & clinic should have one. I live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area & have never seen one of these before. I was so impressed.”

“It was really nice to get my prescription right on site instead of running to a pharmacy. I didnt expect it to dispense the prescription like that, it was really neat how it was sealed & labeled. This was a great experience! I will definantly use anytime I can.”

“I work in a freestanding ambulatory surgical center. My goal is to get an InstyMed dispenser in my facility.”

“I will go to the Urgent Care with InstyMeds so I don’t have to make a separate stop to get meds. This way, I get the RX and get on meds right away. Awesome for people like me as I get sinus infections frequently.”

“I was able to get through on the phone right away to a live representative. It didn’t take long at all for her to take care of what I needed. Love this machine.”

“I loved it! I see people everyday at my Pharmacy that have left people out in the car after leaving outpatient surgery or the ER and they are always freaking out about how long it takes us to fill the scripts because they just want to get their loved ones home! They should be in every outpatient and ER facility in the WORLD!!!”

“I love InstyMeds! I wish every hospital & clinic or medical facility had it! Makes life so much easier when you are sick or injured!! 3 thumbs up, InstyMeds!!”

“I had to use the phone because of the new year I had new insurance, the customer service was fast and efficient and explained everything I needed to know. I had never heard of this product before that day and I am extremely satisfied with the result.”

“All medical places should have them would save a lot of time for people and you would not have to wait till the next morning to get started on your meds.”

“We live in Indiana and would love this where we live. It was great to get prescription after ER visit. So quick!”

“When I’m not feeling well this is a wonderful time saver and I don’t have to go out in the cold another time to fill an RX”

“This was the first time I used InstyMeds. It was a great experience and saved a trip to the pharmacy. I would like to know what facilities have an InstyMeds installed. I would use this information to decide on which healthcare facility to go to.”

“This was so easy and I am telling a lot of my friends locally about this! I believe it’s the only convenient care locally that has this machine. If more people knew how easy it was I think more people would be using it!”

“Insty Meds is ultra convenient. WAY awesome after you’ve been through a hell-of-a-day and just need your prescribed meds to feel better fast and GET HOME. So glad it exists in this location. I sort of wish it was everywhere.”

“I LOVED USING IT, AWESOME! Not having to stop at a Pharmacy was PRICELESS. All medical professional buildings should have this for general medications.”

“I loved that I had my medication upon leaving – I was in the hospital all day, exhausted and just wanted to get home. That was a lifesaver!”

“Great service! It was quick and easy and saved me time! PLUS, it included our insurance discount! AWSOME service!!!’ :-)”

“Great addition to any facility. Obviously at a convenient care one is there and not feeling 100%. This makes an impact by not having to stop at a pharmacy when ill”

“Wish there were more around my area. First time I’ve ever seen or heard of it. Loved it though.”

“Was impressed that my husband’s name and dosage, etc. was on the label plus a description of what the pills should look like inside.”

“This was the best part of my trip to the Emergency Room. After 3½ hours in the ER, at 9:30 at night the last thing I needed was to have to try to find a pharmacy in a strange town. This machine was a pleasant and welcome surprise. Thanks!”

“This was my first experience with this. Had never seen one before. I absolutely loved it. Had my meds before I left the doctor. Eliminated a stop after surgery. Very impressed with this. Hope to see more of them installed at other doctors’ offices.”

“This is a great feature for families to have…. I just wanted to get home after the surgery and with InstyMeds it was possible because we didn’t have to make any additional stops. Bonus!! These would be great to have at all doctors’ offices.”

“Fantastic idea and service — I would love to see these at all our doctors’ offices”

“Excellent idea. Saved Time and out of the way mileage (15 miles). Quicker to get the patient home. Very efficient”

“Absolute great idea. After surgery it was so nice getting the meds immediately.”

“Who ever thought of this idea was brilliant! They should put them in the hospitals in the ER for outpatients and employees to use. The hospital where I work, the pharmacy is only for inpatients.”

“This was the BEST part/experience of my recent trip to the Urgent Care. Loved this! Told folks at my job how great it is. Excited to use in the future!”

“The urgent cares by my home never had this. This was extremely useful and efficient. I wish all urgent cares would have this equipment.”

“I was amazed. Every health care facility should have 1 of these available to their patients. I have to say it is an amazing invention! Wonderful machine! Thank you!”

“Best idea ever!!! It’s great to have this available at the urgent care facility. It saves time. Especially when you aren’t feeling 100%.”

“Will definitely look for InstyMeds when we are at medical facilities.”

“A great service for our little town of 900 plus. No need to drive 40 miles to Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s. I LOVE IT!!”