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Success Stories


"A dog bite took me to St. Francis Medical Center on a Sunday afternoon. After being seen in Urgent Care, I was able to retrieve antibiotics out of the InstyMeds machine. Really great benefit: easy, logical, convenient--and I'm a medicare patient. Next day at home, I had a question regarding the drug and was connected to a knowledgeable pharmacist within three minutes."

- Bob, Eden Prairie, MN


"I visited the emergency room for a painful infection after normal pharmacy hours, and was thrilled to be able to get the help I needed without waiting until morning!"

- Connie, New Ulm, MN


"I just got out of the ER, it was late and the InstyMeds machine worked quickly. Quite painless. Thanks, Dave L Minneapolis MN"

- David, Maple Grove, Minnesota


"Being out of town with an ear infection had me worried but being able to fill my prescription in minutes after all the pharmacies were closed was awesome! I had instant relief and it saved me time!"

- Dee, Fargo, ND


"Brought my nephew to the 212 Urgent Care/Emergency Clinic @ Hwys 212 & 41 late last night. He was suffering severe pain and shortness of breath, which turned out to be a pinched nerve in his neck. Having InstyMeds right there in the clinic enabled us to get the meds without another stop somewhere at that late hour, and when he was in so much pain. I've used them twice myself, the most recent after same-day surgery Oct. 13 at Waconia Ridgeview. It was so simple even my husband could do it!"

- Diane, Chaska, MN


"I stopped at an Immediate Care facility after work on July 11 because the heat and humidity was so oppressive that day that I was having difficulty breathing. I also have some chronic sinus problems. After seeing the doctor, he suggested that I fill my Rx at the InstyMeds dispenser in the clinic lobby. I was feeling really miserable and tired and wanted to get home as quickly as possible. YOUR INSTYMEDS machine processed my Rx in just a few minutes, saving me from having to drive to a pharmacy to have a prescription filled. I was so impressed by the speed, efficiency and most of all, convenience, your service provided, that I will be telling my experience to all my friends! KUDOS to whoever came up with the idea for such an awesome convenience for healthcare patients like myself. Thank you, "

- Dixie, Byron, Illinois


"Was totally impressed! My husband had bilateral hernia surgery at the surgery center as an outpatient. We needed to get his prescriptions filled. I was worried, in the back of my mind, that I didn't want to leave him in the car while I went into the drug store and waiting for his medicines to be filled. Was a total relief off my mind that I was able to get his meds while he was in the recovery area and not worry that he wasn't being watched over. Thanks so much for this convenience."

- Dixie & Jim, Hastings, MN


"Handy, after hours way to get an ER prescription after an accident to my wife. Thanks"

- Donald, Wausau, WI


"We took our sick son into emergency late at night. We were able to fill his prescription before leaving the hospital. How convenient to have this service right at the hospital and not have to look for a 24 hour pharmacy."

- Heidi, Bloomer


"Staff at the St. Anthony's Lemay Urgent Care location were so professional and worked with such speed & accuracy. I was so impressed. I was in pain & the staff assessed the problem ASAP and got the meds thru InstyMeds right away which made the event much easier and I was most appreciative of the situation. Thank you so much. "

- Helen, St. Louis, MO.


"I had to go into the emergency room on Thanksgiving day. I woke up and was having trouble breathing. Come to find out I have bronchitis. Not a good thing to have since Thanksgiving dinner was at my brother's house where they have a baby who isn't yet two weeks old. Didn't want to pass it onto my nephew. Thank God for the InstyMeds machine! I didn't have to drive all over town to find an open pharmacy on a holiday. I just did as the screen said to do. Super easy! Out popped my prescriptions and I was on my way home to rest and relax until the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner were brought to me. Thanks InstyMeds for being there for me on a holiday!"

- Jacqueline, Big Rapids, MI


"We were in Kansas for a soccer tournament & my younger son got sick the first night there. We went to Emergent Care & it was a relief to be able to fill the prescription without going to another store not knowing how long the wait would be. We were able to make my other son's game!"

- Jennifer, Overland Park, KS


"Happy not to drive 30 minutes each way out of the way to go to the 24 hr pharmacy at 9:30 at night"

- John, Adams,WI


"What a valuable service for such a small community - BAGGS, WYOMING! Thanks for providing such a cutting edge solution to little places..... "

- John, Dubois, WY


"I went to my local hospital at about 3AM for an upper respiratory infection as I have asthma and didn't want it to get more severe while waiting to go during the day. The only drug store open at that time of day is the next town over. I'm unemployed and with gas prices so high I thought it would save time and money to use your handy machine! I was also alone in the middle of the night and don't like wandering around in the night. The receptionist took my money and after a quick phone call on the InstyMed phone they took my pharmacy discount card information! It was so quick and easy! The lady who answered the phone was helpful and friendly. Its so easy, don't let the "computer" scare you if your not computer savvy as it talks you right through and help is just a phone call away and the phone is right next to the InstyMed machine! Its a free call! Thanks for such a great service! "

- Karen R., Zeeland, MI


"I needed medication following a trip to the emergency room. InstyMeds was a delight - super easy to use, saved a trip across town to the pharmacy, and saved wait time. Not to mention it's just plain cool!"

- Kirk, Minneapolis, MN


"I visited the urgent care department at Lakeview Medical Center in Rice Lake WI. It was late in the day, the day before a holiday and the pharmacy I normally use was closed. The doctor gave me InstyMeds as a choice for filling my prescription. I was skeptical because it was new and different, but I didn't feel like driving to another business that evening. InstyMeds took my insurance, and within 3 minutes I had my prescription and was on my way home to start getting ready for the holiday. I love the convenience and will definitely use InstyMeds again and talk to my friends and family about my experience."

- Kris, Rice Lake, WI


"My baby needed antibiotics. It was such a relief to not drag my impatient 6 year old and crying 9 month old to the pharmacy and wait for over 30 minutes."

- Lisa, Maple Grove, MN


"I went to a local Express MedCare for the first time. I was given 4 RX's. As I was about to leave with my Rx's, the doctor told me what the large machine, InstyMeds, was. I told her I had insurance. She assured me that it would all be taken into account & it would be easy. An assistant showed me how to use it and wham!!! it took only minutes, I find this amazing. It is a great service!!. When I returned home, I called family and friends to tell them about this "space age" technology. Thank you! I wasn't feeling well. This service saved me a lot of time (waiting at a pharmacy). Wow!!"

- Louise, Silver Spring, MD


"I was so ill that my daughter had to drive me to the Convenient Care Clinic at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital. Rather than wait in a long line at the local pharmacy, my daughter requested the physician set me up with InstyMeds. In under 5 minutes we had my medication and I was on the way home to rest. Thank goodness! I could never have stood the wait at the pharmacy! Thank you for being there when I needed you!"

- Lynette, Engadine, Michigan


"I use the CDH Convenient Care in Bloomingdale, IL and have used InstyMeds to get prescribed medication. There is no waiting, less hassle and the price is very competitive with other pharmaceutical or drug companies in the neighborhood."

- Maria, Bloomingdale, IL


"I have been fighting a flu bug for over 12 days when I finally was encouraged by my beloved wife to go to the walk in clinic at our new hospital in St Ignace, MI. After being diagnosed with a bacterial infection, our on-call doctor had his nurse give his prescription to me at dismissal. Instead of the usual difficult to read prescriptions, I was given a simple one page sheet with a coded number on it. Without leaving the area or driving to a Pharmacy, I input the code into our new InstyMeds dispenser and in moments all my needed antibiotics were paid for and dispensed. Thanks for serving us with your easy dispenser."

- Mark, Saint Ignace, MI


"After driving 15 mi to a convenient care center only to find it had closed 5 min earlier, I thought my luck had run out but not so. There was another facility on the other side of the highway and they had an InstyMeds dispenser. My luck had returned I was out of there in 45 min and had my meds in hand which only cost $2.00 more than if I had driven 15 mi to a 24 hr drugstore and 15 mi home. At $3.86 a gal for gas I think I got not only cured but really lucky discovering InstyMeds. "

- Mary Lou, Newburgh, IN


"I got really sick and went in the middle of the night and went to the HealthPartners Hudson Hospital once we got out at 5:00 AM we were told that we could use the InstyMeds machine to get my needed prescription. Within 10 minutes we had them filled and were on the way home. It saved me a hour of time on a already long night."

- Mike, Hudson, WI


"I was in pain from a muscle spasm and couldn't get any relief so I called the 24-hr nurse hotline who directed me to a Walgreens take care clinic, however, upon arriving there it was determined by the intake person that they weren't equip to handle my situation so I was referred to St. Anthony's Urgent Care on Big Bend in St. Louis, MO. The intake person at St. Anthony's was very helpful and understanding of my pain during the registration process. I didn't have to wait long for the doctor and after a few questions, the doctor was able to make a diagnosis and prescribe meds. I was given a shot and a pill to take to help ease my pain. The doctor wrote me a prescription and asked if I wanted to use Instymeds in the lobby. Well I thought it was a pharmacy and I told her yes. She brought me some paperwork with a code. I went to the lobby and instead of a pharmacy there was a machine. The instructions were very easy to follow. I thank God that instymeds was there because it saved me a trip to the pharmacy and allowed me to get home to rest before the pain returned. I wish they could have instymeds at all urgent care facilities, doctor's office, and hospitals this would save the patient time and stress. I'm glad instymeds was there to help dispense my meds. "

- Mona, St. Louis, Missouri


"I love your technology. After receiving my diagnosis from the urgent care physician, I was able to get my prescription filled right there at the hospital in a few minutes. I did not have to drive to the pharmacy to drop it off and then come back hours later to pick it up. It was easy for me to start my treatment right away. I really did not feel like driving around town. Thanks to my doctor, powerful antibiotics, and your nifty technology, I am feeling all better now. "

- Rene, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


"I had been in severe pain for some time. Between the pain and the pain medicine, I had been nauseous for at least a week and had not eaten anything, as nothing would stay down. It was a relief to know that I would not have to endure the drive and wait at the pharmacy when I left the ER. Your machine saved me from leaving the ER to go to a pharmacy (if one was even open) and waiting...during Hurricane SANDY!!!"

- Ronnie, Stevensville, MD


"I was suffering from a VERY sore throat and went to my dcotor's office. I do not have a pharmacy in my small town and do not I was delighted to receive my medicine from the InstyMeds machine in the doctor's waiting room. Very COOL!"

- Sonia , Lake Crystal, MN


"I was in Steamboat in March and unfortunately had to make a visit to the Yampa Valley medical center after taking a spill. I had torn my rotator cuff and was prescribed a five day dose of steroids and some pain killers. I was staying at a house within walking distance of the medical center and I did not have a car and would not have been able to easily reach a drug store had your InstyMeds machine not been on site! The process was easy, quick and extremely convenient."

- Steve, CO


"I burnt my hand on the lawn mower very badly, after suffering and dealing with the pain, I was drained of all energy. Having InstyMeds available in the Hospital, was such a blessing. Saved us a trip across town and time and not to mention the added savings. I wish they would have had this system long ago. Thanks InstyMeds."

- Suzanne, Minneapolis, MN

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