InstyMeds provides an automated system, much like a bank ATM, which dispenses the prescription medications directly to patients at the point-of-care. These dispensers are designed for outpatient use and typically sit in the waiting area of an emergency department or urgent care clinic.

InstyMeds dramatically improves prescription fill rates and reduces the downstream costs associated with patient noncompliance.  In addition, InstyMeds offers a level of convenience to enhance patient satisfaction and give health care facilities a competitive edge.

InstyMeds Corporation is located in Eden Prairie, MN (Minneapolis suburb) and has InstyMeds dispensers in located throughout the country. With over ten years of experience, InstyMeds has dispensed nearly TWO MILLION medications to patients.


To be eligible to use the InstyMeds dispenser, a person needs to be a patient at the health care facility that has the dispenser and prescribed a medication that is in the dispenser.  The dispenser does not do prescription refills.

After being seen by their medical provider, the patient has the option of getting their prescription medication through InstyMeds instead of getting their prescription filled at a pharmacy.  The doctor or medical provider will issue an electronic prescription order.  The patient takes the order and follows the onscreen instructions on the InstyMeds dispenser. 

InstyMeds processes prescription insurance, if applicable, collects payment via credit or debit card, and dispenses the medication directly to the patient.  This entire process takes only a few minutes.  To get a closer look, watch our short overview video.

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